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This week we’ve got a real treat for our affiliate community. One of our top affiliates, The Podcast Host, has published an explanatory blog post providing value to their audience, while promoting relevant services on Fiverr in a particularly masterful way. We thought we would publish it here for our affiliates to learn from, and draw inspiration for their own blogs. After all, there’s nothing better than to learn from the best!


How To Write Blog Posts That Generate Actual Affiliate Sales

At The Podcast Host, we teach people how to make their own podcasts. This means we create a lot of content, articles, art and podcasts, every day. Since we teach best practices, we need our content to be as professional as possible, while remaining accessible. That’s why, when we need help, we reach out to 

We have podcasts that not only teach podcasting skills, but also serve as examples of good content marketing. Podcraft teaches the entire art of podcasting, from launching your own show, to growing your own (or your company’s) legion of fanatical fans. Our show has fourteen seasons of topics, presented using a content stacking method. As examples of good content marketing, we’ve produced Hostile Worlds and Organic Life. These podcasts help us show examples of technique. For example, Organic Life’s interviews with ethnobotanists and herbalists show how to craft interview questions that encourage guests to share more.  Hostile Worlds combines an exciting space-travel story and unique ambience to make the details of astrophysics memorable. 

When you’re deeply invested in planning and creating your content, there may be tasks you simply have to subcontract out. Editing, for some people, is an art form, and for others it’s laborious. Many people think that a podcast only needs to be a voice and a unique message, but the tone of your voice, background noises, and so on, can make a podcast’s credibility sink, swim or surf.  

You don’t have to have as many sound elements and variables as a BBC audio drama (though they’re extremely compelling). You can favor a minimalist approach, particularly if you’re just getting started.

A few sound editing tips:

  • Make sure there’s nothing to distract the audience. Background sound, such as outdoor traffic, and so on, can make the audience lose track of your message, and sink your credibility. 
  • Take out silences, and awkward filler words. If it doesn’t support your message, it’s worth your time to remove it. 
  • Everyone makes recording mistakes from time to time. When you catch yourself flubbing a word or something, stop, and make a clicking sound (with your tongue, or snap your fingers). This will show up on the sound wave as a hard vertical line. Then take a breath, and pick back up from a little bit before you left off. When you look over your sound file later on, look for those hard vertical lines. This will save you tons of time in the editing process. 

If you still feel overwhelmed, there are podcasting tools which can eliminate the guesswork for you

Trusting an expert with your work can save you time and energy in the long run. Tim Ferris reportedly subcontracts out his audio editing to a company, but you can hire your own expert through Fiverr. Adamglinder can mix and master your podcast, and Radioorg offers everything from audio cleanup, to full production of a series of episodes. This frees you up to concentrate on your content and presentation. 

One task that you never hear podcasters say they enjoy is crafting shownotes. They’re more important than anyone realizes. Good show notes can convert casual search engine visits into committed supporters. They help your brand’s SEO, and make it easier for your audience to get involved. For example, if your podcast is about organic food, and one of your episodes has an interview with a herbalist, discussing natural remedies, you want that information to be in the show notes.  This way, if someone does a Google search for “herbalist, natural remedies,” they’re more likely to find your episode. That’s where great Fiverr sellers like mediasips and mabendroth15 are valuable.  Experts like them can drive more traffic to your website, and help expand your audience. 

Small details count, and having a pro take on your work saves you future hassle. For example, podcast artwork has to have specific file sizes and dimensions, or Apple Podcasts won’t accept your RSS feed.  It needs to look good whether it’s viewed full size, or when people see it at the tiny display size that a smartphone provides. Color choices and contrast can affect visibility at different sizes as well. Essentially, you need to make the art as big as you can, but then view it at different sizes and dpi so that you know how it’ll look on social media, on merchandise, or on podcast apps. An experienced designer, such as melhak or c7 productions, has a history with what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to podcast artwork. This frees you up to concentrate on other aspects of your podcast. 

Fiverr has such a wide variety of sellers, it can be hard to narrow down your search. How do you know who to trust with your podcast?

Here are some tips that can help:

  • Try more focused search terms. For example, don’t just search for “podcast artwork.” Add a word that describes the kind of look you want, such as “illustration,” “minimalist,” or “vintage.” 
  • When you like someone’s work, ask questions about it. Ask to see or hear more samples. Ask about what kind of work inspires and influences them.
  • Hire a seller to do a small task before having them take on a ton of work. Building your business relationship slowly lets you find the right fit. 
  • Be open to surprises. For example, if you imagine your podcast artwork  to be green and yellow, and they show you something in blue and red, look at it objectively.  With a trustworthy artist, your podcast can grow in ways you didn’t expect, and you’ll learn something new. 

Use these pro tips to scale up your blog into a vibrant and exciting content hub.  Keep in mind that a successful blog and podcast can lead performance, and improve your chances to earn more with Fiverr Affiliates. Podcasting is a field that changes quickly. As technology improves, and more people join the podcasting community, we have a greater opportunity to build relationships and make better stories for others to hear. There’s a lot to learn about podcasting, and The Podcast Host continues to share those skills. With, sharing your content with the world is easier than ever before.

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