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How to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Income Using Winning Content

How to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Income Using Winning Content

A constant stream of relevant content can boost your business in big ways

As a Fiverr affiliate, your goal is to help small businessowners find freelancing solutions on Fiverr for everything from marketing to web design.  And, in the process, you can earn commission whenever your traffic converts to sales (up to $150 per conversion).  Initially, spreading the word about Fiverr’s freelancers might seem as easy as sharing your unique link on social media and waiting for results.  However, it takes some creative strategizing to drive buyers to the platform.  You can’t simply sell, sell, sell; you have to add value.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is through great content.

The importance of great content

Great blog posts can lead to great results for your affiliate business.  On average, small businesses that constantly update their blogs see 126% more lead growth than businesses who don’t.  But there’s one caveat – readers have high expectations of your content. They’re hungry for information, but 55% of readers will only spend 15 seconds or less reading your posts. Thus, it’s important that every single post is scrollable, fresh, and relevant to your target audience. Great blog posts give you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in specific topics and earn readers’ trust, which builds a loyal readership and increases your odds of converting those readers into new Fiverr buyers.

How to write an affiliate blog post

A great affiliate blog post has a few key requirements:

  • Choose a topic that serves your purpose:  Let’s say you’re promoting Logo Design Gigs.  You need to create content that explains how professional logos can help a businessowner achieve his or her goals.  Write a case study that shows how bold logos draw more customers to a business.  Or, educate buyers about the different ways they can incorporate logos into their branding materials.  Also, to ensure your content converts, you need to link to relevant Fiverr pages that support your post topic. For example, in this case study, you’d link to the main Logo Design page or a specific Logo Design Gig.
  • Keep it short: As mentioned above, the reader is on the hunt for information and may only spend 15 seconds looking for it.  If your post is too wordy or contains too many long blocks of text, you might lose readers.  Instead, use subheadings to break up the text into smaller sections, keep paragraphs short (4-5 sentences maximum), keep the total length around 500 words, and be sure to include tracking links so you can monitor how well your post is converting.
  • Be consistent with tone and personality: Create a sense of familiarity for your reader.  You’ll be posting often, so be sure to use the same tone for each post.  If your case study is light, fun, and conversational, don’t follow up with a post full of industry jargon and formal language.  Choose a tone that works for you and stick with it.
  • Write a compelling headline: Be clear about your post’s subject.  A strong headline is short and to the point, and it draws the reader in.  For example, for your Logo Design case study, you could write: Bold Logo Design Doubles Customer Acquisition.  This headline accomplishes your goal of promoting Logo Design Gigs and communicating desirable value to your audience.
  • Produce quality work: Doublecheck your grammar and spelling with a free app like Grammarly or enlist the services of Fiverr’s content creators and editors.  Ensure you’re publishing the best possible content.  High quality helps communicate your authority to the reader.

Also, post at least once a week, and on the same day if possible.  Create a schedule for your readers to encourage repeated engagement.

Steps to increase conversion

As a Fiverr affiliate, you have access to a slew of marketing tools.  Use them in your posts to ensure your readers take action before navigating away from the page.

  • CTA buttons: Insert a call-to-action button into every post.  Tell the reader what you want them to do (i.e. Browse Freelancers, Browse More Gigs, Hire a Freelancer, etc.).  Make it clear and easy for your reader to get to Fiverr.

Watch how to choose the right marketing tools:

  • Showcase relevant Gigs: Make the direct connection between your content and the categories or sellers you want to promote.  This removes the guesswork for the reader and gives them a destination.  The less they have to search for applicable Gigs, the more likely they are to buy. To get inspired and find the right design freelancers for your content, visit Fiverr Discover.  If you need further assistance, contact one of our affiliate managers for guidance.
  • Deep links: Deep links are hyperlinks that take readers to a specific page on Fiverr. Use them throughout your post so customers have multiple opportunities to visit specific Fiverr Gigs, even if they don’t read your post until the end. When creating a deep link, you’ll create the link in the “Marketing Tools” section in your affiliate account.  Be sure to use this link without making any modifications.

Watch how to create a deep link:


Great content is an efficient and dynamic way to boost your affiliate business.  But to make an impact, your blog posts must be relevant, readable, and loaded with value.  Earn your readers’ trust and watch your conversions skyrocket.

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