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How to Scale Your Affiliate Business with AND CO

How to Scale Your Affiliate Business with AND CO

Special note: on November 2021, AND.CO was rebranded to Fiverr Workspace. See all information in the dedicated blog post.

Being a Fiverr Affiliate is a great way to earn extra income, and now, you can increase your earnings even more by promoting AND CO.

AND CO is a software for freelancers that helps save you time by removing the friction that comes with running a freelance operation. Whether it’s keeping track of invoicing for multiple clients, managing your expenses, or putting together proposals, the platform frees up freelancer’s schedules from the time-consuming administrative aspects of running their business. With more time to spend on the activities that bring in the cash, freelancers using AND CO can better focus on growing their business. 

Since you’re sharing the benefits of Fiverr to freelancers and consumers, it’ll be easy to add AND CO to your affiliate activities.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the platform and continue to scale your business, here’s how you can get the ball rolling: 

Recommend One of AND CO’s Features 

AND CO is a tool that’s easy to promote since its current users already love the platform. Over 250,000 businesses already use AND CO to help with running their freelance business, so you can feel confident recommending the software to all kinds of freelancers. 

As a freelance management platform, AND CO has the ability to be useful in practically any industry. 

Some of AND CO’s features that you can promote include: 

  • Hassle-free, professional, and semi-automated invoicing
  • Templates to create compelling proposals
  • Legal contracts to establish agreements with clients
  • Expense tracking for jobs to easily access information during tax season
  • Time tracking to help freelancers manage their time and charge prices accordingly
  • The My Desk feature to increase productivity, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines

With so many features to take advantage of, you can promote many different aspects wherever it’s relevant, to make a huge impact as an ambassador for the brand.

What You Can Earn By Promoting AND CO

The payout for promoting AND CO can be generous, depending on which membership plans you push.

AND CO Pro is AND CO’s paid plan, which includes some additional features that you’ll want to promote, like:

  • The ability to send invoices, contracts, and proposals to an unlimited number of clients
  • The option to remove AND CO branding from client communications
  • Fully editable contracts
  • Priority, award-winning support

AND CO Pro costs $24 a month or $18 a month when billed annually ($216 per year). You’ll receive a 50% commission on all AND CO Pro plans purchased by those you refer, which equates to $12 per month from each monthly plan, and a huge $108 for each annual plan. The affiliate program pays you every month, so you can grow a steady income if you send multiple users our way.

Anyone Can Promote AND CO

Your role as a Fiverr Affiliate means that you have the ability to promote all of Fiverr’s products to earn a commission. Promoting AND CO works the same way, which means it’s super easy to get started. Simply log in to your affiliate dashboard to see some marketing materials you can use to start talking about AND CO.

How to Share AND CO with Your Audience

Whatever methods you use to land conversions is entirely up to you. But here are 7 easy ways to inform others about the benefits of AND CO, while building your professional audience at the same time:

1.Write a blog post about AND CO and share it online.

2. Send an email blast or newsletter to your database about AND CO including a CTA to sign up.

3. Give AND CO a shoutout on your social media accounts and tag them.

4. Add a banner promoting AND CO in relevant blog articles on your site for visitors to check out. There are plenty of banners available in the Fiverr affiliate backend.

5. Share a link to AND CO on your resource pages, or other highly trafficked pages on your website.

6. Make a video about how you use AND CO and encourage others to do the same.

7. Attend a marketing conference and share a few words about the platform throughout your conversations with new acquaintances.

Start Promoting AND CO Today

The success you gain as a Fiverr Affiliate promoting AND CO depends entirely on your consistency when engaging with others. 

If you maintain a regular marketing strategy, using different platforms to connect with new and returning visitors, scaling your business becomes a cinch. If they receive regular traffic or views, your marketing assets can consistently reach a wide audience, allowing you to continuously reap the profits over time.

AND CO is a resource that any freelancer can use to grow their business, so start sharing it today and help others run their business better. 

To learn more about what AND CO has to offer, head to AND CO’s FAQ page. 

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