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Learn from Fiverr: Take Your Affiliate Game to the Next Level with New Skills

Learn from Fiverr: Take Your Affiliate Game to the Next Level with New Skills

Fiverr’s platform is so much more than a digital marketplace – it’s a destination for the future of work.  We’ve already seen the ways millions of people have transformed their lives through freelancing.  And now, there’s yet another powerful Fiverr product designed to help freelancers and entrepreneurs enhance their skills.  Introducing Learn from Fiverr™.

Learn is a new e-learning platform that offers greater capabilities than typical learning tools.  The program was both crafted by and tailored to Fiverr.  The courses feature accomplished instructors who’ve worked with world-renowned brands like Google, Apple, and Nike, and they focus on proven methods, processes, and best practices that can be applied immediately. Even better, courses are affordable and can be paid for by the course; there are no monthly subscription fees. Graduates of each course go through a completion test.  When graduates successfully pass the completion test, they receive a special course badge, which leads to extra exposure across Fiverr.  In essence, learning new skills via Learn easily translates to new business.

Luckily, Learn isn’t just for sellers and buyers.  It’s a valuable tool for affiliates as well.  As an affiliate, you’re a small businessowner who needs to maintain, promote, and even scale your business.  You have a plethora of official Fiverr tools at your disposal, and you have some natural skill.  But the online space is constantly changing at a rapid pace.  Learning new skills can give you an upper hand in more effectively reaching your target audience and taking your affiliate business to the next level.

The courses

Learn’s courses are broken into two main categories – Creative and Digital Marketing.  These topics will cover specific overall skills, like viral marketing and branding, as well as more freelance-centric topics like delivering the final product and conducting effective market research.

Creative courses are quite extensive, touching on everything from program tutorials (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) to general skills like storytelling.  In the Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals course, for example, Adobe Certified Instructor Daniel Walter Scott walks students through the Illustrator basics over the course of 39 mini lessons and 14 chapters.

Digital Marketing courses dive deeper into ways to craft strong content and get it to the right audience.  Undoubtedly, you’ll find several helpful skills here that can help you convert at a higher rate. Some popular courses include:

  • Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets To Promote Any Product – In 9 lessons, YouTube Marketing Manager Jon Youshaei details proven tactics to market everything from a book to a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Instagram Ads Fundamentals – Here, Wharton MBA and digital marketer Sharon Lee Thony walks students through creating engaging Instagram campaigns that deliver results.
  • Blog Content Strategy – Globally recognized content marketer and author Ian Cleary guides students through what it takes to craft compelling and successful blog content.

As an affiliate, enlarging your skill base will only help your business grow.  Visit Learn from Fiverr today to enroll in a course and put your new skills to work!

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