Fiverr Affiliates Guides

All The Guides You Need To Become a Successful Fiverr Affiliate

Creating Your Account

Learn how to create and set up your account

Affiliate links and Pixels

Learn how to create your unique affiliate links, add extra parameters, and setup your pixels

Choosing marketing tools

Learn how to select the most relevant creative elements from our large selection of banners, landing pages, buttons and more

Monitoring your campaigns

Learn how to monitor, evaluate, and improve your campaign’s performance easily by using our reports system

Requesting payment

Learn to request and track your payments and to view your payment details, such as previous payments and payments requests

Creating Your Account

Learn all the best practices on how to set up your account.

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Your account must include details about your activity as a Fiverr Affiliate and payment information.

To create your account:

Our affiliate platform allows you to easily customize your affiliate link for any page on Fiverr, right from your browser in just a matter of seconds.

In this section we’ll cover:

Affiliate link overview​

Your affiliate link includes your unique ID, that way you can track every new customer you refer. When promoting Fiverr’s products, always use your unique affiliate link to ensure you receive credit for new customers you bring to Fiverr.

You can find your affiliate ID in your affiliate link under the BTA parameter.

A standard affiliate link looks like this:

Fiverr CPA:[your_affiliate_ID]&brand=fiverrcpa

Learn from Fiverr:[your_affiliate_ID]&brand=fiverrlearn

How your affiliate link works

Your affiliate link includes a 30 days tracking cookie. This means that if a user clicks on your affiliate link, then you will be credited with the referral, as long as the user registered to Fiverr within 30 days. When your referred user will make their first purchase, you will earn a commission. Note that as a Fiverr affiliate you have the opportunity to promote a variety of Fiverr products:, Fiverr Business and Fiverr Learn. Every link will direct your users to the relevant Fiverr product and entitle you to the relevant commission.

Keep in mind, when promoting you can choose between Fiverr CPA and Fiverr Hybrid commission plans. To learn more about our commissions, view our commission plan. 

If you would like to direct your users to a specific category, sub-category, or Gig page you should create a “Deep Link”.

If you are planning on placing links in a lot of different places or are planning to promote a wide variety of Fiverr pages, you may want to also consider adding dynamic parameters such as Tracking Codes / AFPs to segment your traffic and to receive additional information.

Adding Dynamic Parameters

Adding Tracking Code

A Tracking code can be added to any tracking link, in order to track traffic coming from a specific campaign or source, thus measuring their effectivity.
The tracking code parameter can have up to 500 different values, therefore you should use this option when you would like to track traffic coming from a certain campaign or source.

To add a Tracking code:

Adding AFP Parameters

The AFP (stands for “Affiliate Parameter”) is an additional parameter that can be used to pass any extra information you would like.
You can add up to 10 different AFPs onto your tracking link. There is no limit on the number of values passed by the different AFPs.

To add AFP parameters:

Pixels (Postback URLs)

If you would like to keep track of incoming traffic for your own tracking systems, pixels can be embedded in the system.
Two parameters can be added to the pixel code, in order for the pixel to return the corresponding data:

In addition to your own generated dynamic parameters, you can receive system data as well.

Available data includes:

The system data should be configured in the same way. The parameters should be configured on the postback code using the exact syntax.

You can receive a notification for one or both of the following events:

Choosing Marketing Tools

We’re happy to provide you with the top-performing marketing tools, to help you stand out and drive users to Fiverr. Learn how to select the most relevant creative elements from our large selection of banners, landing pages, buttons and more.

To find your winning creatives:

Reports and Monitoring

Learn how to monitor, evaluate and improve your campaign’s performance easily, by using our reporting system. Some reports display useful information directly from your dashboard, while more detailed reports can be downloaded right from the system.

In this section we’ll cover:

Media Report

The Media Report is the most important report since it displays a large amount of tracking information.
The data is arranged in columns, which can be arranged in ascending or descending order by clicking on the Up and Down arrows, next to each column heading.

This is how you should use the Media Report:

To create a report, choose the required time range. In addition, you can:

  Expand the information to include creative data by choosing different parameters at the “BREAKDOWN BY” option.

  Choose the different stats you want to analyze at the “SHOW DETAILS” button.

  Focus on certain parameters by entering them at the “FILTER BY” button.

After you chose the required parameters, click on RUN REPORT button to display the report.

By default, the report will display 15 entries. If you would like to view more entries you can click on “SHOW 15 ENTRIES” button to choose between 15, 50, 100 and All.

If you would like to download the report, click on the EXPORT CSV button. You can also search a specific value in the report using the search box.

Partners can add additional data fields to the report using the BREAKDOWN BY button. The most used additional fields are Tracking Code and Country:

Registrations Report

The registrations report lists your customers and displays their details, including their registration date, their first deposit date, and total commission you earned. In this report, you can view the AFP parameter.

This is how you should use the Registrations Report:

By default, the report will display 15 entries. If you would like to view more entries you can click on SHOW 15 ENTRIES button to choose between 15, 50, 100 and all.

If you would like to download the report, click on the EXPORT CSV button. You can also search a specific value in the report using the search box.

The TRACKING CODE parameter can contain up to 500 entries and is usually used to store partners’ channel data. AFP is used for any other types of storing and it can contain an unlimited number of entries. Usually used to store click ID, keywords data, etc.

USER ID column (the leftmost column) contain IDs of real registrants and can be used to find specific users on Fiverr.

Requesting Payment

Congratulations! You made it to the fun part. Learn how to request payments, track payments, and view your payment activity, so you’re always up-to-date.

In this section we’ll cover:

Request your payment

Payments are available once your account reaches the $100 threshold. Once you’ve reached it, you’ll be able to request your payment on the 2nd of the month.

For example, if during January you exceed the threshold, you will be able to request your payment starting from February 2nd.

Commissions are paid once a month on a net 30 basis.

In order get paid, follow the instructions below:

1. Provide us your information:

2. Request Payment:

3. Upload an invoice:

There is a slight different between private and company accounts

Payment History report

The payment history report displays a summary of your lifetime payments.

To view the Payments History Report, follow the steps below:

Earnings Report

This section displays your earnings history.

All commission earned (per customer) within the selected date range will be displayed.

To use Earnings Report, follow the steps below:

Overview of Payment Statuses

In order to be paid your commissions, every order is first checked for fraudulent activity and/or violations of our terms. Once approved, you will receive your payment on time. 

The payment requested between the 1st and 15th of the month will be paid at the beginning of the following month, while requests that are made between the 16th and the end of the month will be paid on the 15th day of the following month, or on the closest business day to the 15th.

For example, if you made a payment request on January 2nd, your payment will be reviewed until January 22nd, and if approved, you will get paid at the beginning of February. 

The different Payment statuses are as follows: 

1. Pending – Your payment is under review
2. Approved – Your payment has been approved
3. Paid – Your payment is on its way and will be accessible on a NET-30 basis
4. Declined– Your payment has been declined

supported Currencies

Starting from January 2020, affiliates can choose which currency suits them best: USD, EUR or GBP.

Your affiliate commission balance is always derived from its US dollar value and, therefore, the foreign currency payment amount will be calculated in accordance with the applicable exchange rate at the time of payment. Please note that EUR and GBP are not applicable in Payoneer payments.