Marketing tools from us, more earnings for you

As a Fiverr Affiliate, you get access to our large portfolio of high performing marketing tools to promote Fiverr and maximize your earnings. 

We build the tools. You spread the word. Everyone wins.

Generate Custom Fiverr links

Easily generate links for specific pages such as landing pages, category pages, search results, or any other Fiverr-related page. 

Default and Deep links
Easily direct your users to any page associated with Fiverr, add an optional “Tracking Code” to better monitor your campaigns and promotions.

Learn how to generate your affiliate links on our Start Guide.

Promoting with Creative Assets

Our top-performing creative tools are available for you to put to good use. Stand out and drive traffic with this large selection of banners for every Fiverr brand.

Banners and GIFs 
Special creatives available for every brand associated with Fiverr and for specific categories within Fiverr.

HTML 5 Banners
Beautiful, interactive banners to catch attention on your website.

Video Banners 
Engaging and up-to-date videos that can be viewed on your website.

Learn how to generate Fiverr’s creative elements on our Start Guide.

Smart Marketing with Advanced Tools

Our advanced marketing tools are guaranteed to capture your user’s attention, cultivate more conversions, and boost your earnings. 

Search Box Widget for WordPress
Add Fiverr’s search box widget to your WordPress website to enable direct searches on your site and direct earnings to you from conversions that follow. 

Download Fiverr’s Search Box here.

Content for Sharing, Made By Fiverr

At Fiverr, we’re constantly creating successful content, so why wouldn’t we share its value with our affiliates?
We’ll keep you updated with the latest content, written by experts to promote to your users – and you can just thank us later. 

Educate your audiences with e-books about the leading services on Fiverr.

Distribute our affiliate email content for added outreach to your audience.

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