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How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale With Fiverr Affiliates – 3 Easy Strategies

How to make your first affiliate sale with Fiverr Affiliates – 3 easy strategies

Getting into affiliate marketing is extremely easy; you sign up to a few affiliate programs (like ours), wait to get approved and boom – you are now officially an affiliate marketer! 

After that, comes the hard part. Actually making money with your affiliate links.

As a beginner, understanding what to do and how to generate real affiliate sales is tough.

It seems like everyone online is repeating the same old mantras and recommending things like creating a blog or a YouTube channel, using paid ads and social media. But the large majority of new affiliates don’t have access to any of those things and to any existing audience. They start completely fresh.

If that’s your case as well, I’d argue that getting that first affiliate commission is the hardest hurdle you’d face in making this journey a profitable one.

For that purpose and to help ease this process, I am going to share with you 3 simple methods other affiliates in Fiverr’s affiliate program are using to generate their first Fiverr Affiliates sale.

How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale With Fiverr?

Here are 3 methods you can start using today in order to get your first affiliate sale:

1. Recommend specific services on forums

As a new affiliate with no existing audience, you’d have to rely on external platforms to promote your affiliate links.

One type of platform that is often recommended as a place to start are forums. Online forums and other content platforms with user generated content (like Reddit) tend to be free to use, and attract a large portion of visitors who look for quick solutions to their problems. 

That’s where you as an affiliate marketer come into the picture: you need to position yourself as the mediator between the person with the issue, and the solution (the affiliate product).

Imagine this scenario: you go into a forum and find a thread titled something along the lines of “looking for a logo for my restaurant”. You can reply to this thread or send a direct message to the original user telling them you know a great logo designer, and link them directly to it.

Your top goal should be to not look spammy. Never just mindlessly post affiliate links in new threads. Everything you post needs to be carefully calculated, to ensure you write only on topics that actually make sense and where you add value (and not subtract it by spamming the thread).

It’s a fine line you need to tread between, but that’s the only way you as an affiliate can stay on those platforms for the long term. 

Important note: When using this method, make sure that you read the forum’s terms and conditions before you start posting. You want to ensure you only post in platforms where you are allowed to create affiliate promotions while adhering to the platform’s rules.

2. Start a design-oriented Pinterest account

With over 470 million monthly active users, Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms in the world. 

And unlike sites like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest’s strongest suite is actually it’s discoverability features. New Pinterest pages pop up every single day, and thanks to the huge amount of search traffic going through the platform – they start to get traction and impressions very quickly

To get started, all you need is to create a Pinterest business account, which is completely free.

Then, it’s time to think about how you can take advantage of this kind of traffic, which is very shopping and trends oriented.

My suggestion? Start by creating relevant pins promoting the huge variety of design and art services available on Fiverr, or compile a business-oriented list, as those tend to do very well on the platform and can tie into services like logo design.

All the pin creation sections (title, description, tags and image) are important to increase its organic audience reach and determine whether it would get noticed or not. 
If you are looking to produce high quality and engaging pins, make sure to check Fiverr’s section:

The key in Pinterest is to create good looking pins that would get you clicks, and to make sure those pins advertise specific high quality Fiverr gigs.

Then, it’s all about scaling the pin creation and sticking to it. The more pins you have – the more chances of them converting into commissions! 

3. Write a quality affiliate article on Medium

There’s no denying that getting Google traffic to an affiliate article is one of best ways to generate affiliate sales. It’s the perfect match between demand and a solution.

Most people write affiliate articles for their own blog. If it’s a brand new blog, that usually means it would take months upon months for those articles to get discovered by Google before they get any traction at all.

A less known method that doesn’t require you to setup your own site, yet still allows you to capitalize on Google traffic is writing affiliate articles on

Medium is a popular writing platform where anyone can share stories, case studies and articles to a wide audience of over 100 million readers worldwide.

But even more importantly – medium is a high authority website, which means articles you publish there get indexed on Google extremely fast and in general have a better likelihood to get high rankings than a brand new standalone blog. 

What does all of that mean for you? 

It means that you can use Medium as a platform to publish your own Fiverr affiliate articles, and compete with bigger sites completely for free and without building a blog on your own.

In fact, I have personally seen Medium articles that generated over $1,000 per month in affiliate commissions.

Important note: Medium allows you to add affiliate links to your articles, but you have to disclose them in the post itself. Make sure you read their exact rules regarding it, which can be found here.


There is no one correct path when it comes to affiliate marketing. The beauty of this industry is how varied and unique it can get between one person to another. 

You don’t need to follow the general advice in order to succeed, you don’t need to spend money to start and, as shown in this post – you can get results even without having any existing audience.

Just stay consistent, don’t give up and your first affiliate commission would be on its way.
And remember – here in the Fiverr Affiliates program we are more than happy to offer you all the support and resources to help you get started and to succeed!

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