Eva Williams

Meet the Affiliate – Eva Williams

Meet the Affiliate – Eva Williams

Who: Eva Williams

What: A photographer and software journalist at FixThePhoto

Where: New York, the USA

Why do you love what you do? I am quite passionate about photography. Besides, as a software enthusiast, I like sharing my thoughts about the recent photo editing trends on FixThePhoto. I get a lot of positive feedback from our readers, so I know that we must be doing something right. Since our website is visited by freelance photographers, I often share ideas that can stimulate their visual creativity and make their photos more impactful.

How long have you been a Fiverr Affiliate? We joined this affiliate program a couple of years ago.

Why Fiverr Affiliate program? Freelance photographers who use our services often need to outsource a variety of tasks to other professionals, like makeup artists, web designers, etc.

Talk to us about your traffic-boosting magic! We have been over 14 years on the market and have over 800K monthly visitors interested in photo editing services, software reviews, LUTs, and tips for photographers. We also drive traffic to our website through Facebook. 

What’s the best thing about partnering up with us? Besides being a smart way to earn extra income, affiliate marketing allows us to offer something useful to our audience and engage it on a new level. It’s the main reason why we have decided to become a Fiverr’s affiliate.

Give our readers a super affiliate tip! Start by analyzing what your audience is interested in. If you have a huge following of people looking for freelance gigs and feel that Fiverr offers exactly what they need, hurry up and get an affiliate link to build your influence and income.

Thanks Eva!

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