How to Choose the Right Gig to Promote

How to Choose the Right Gig to Promote

Tips for finding the right sellers to maximize your affiliate business

As a Fiverr affiliate, your income is dependent on choosing the right Gigs. The “right” Gig is one that speaks to your audience’s needs, helps them grow their businesses, and connects them with a reliable seller who delivers high-quality work.  It sounds easy to identify these Gigs, but Fiverr is home to a vast number of sellers and several Gig categories, covering everything from animation to original music. Where do you start?  How do you know which categories and sellers are worth your time and energy? 

Fear not – we’re here to support you with some easy tips to narrow down the field and find the right gigs to help you maximize your earnings.

Know your audience

Before you can select Gigs to market to your audience, you need to learn more about them.  Think of yourself and your affiliate efforts as a small business.  No small business can succeed at selling a product or service if it doesn’t have a target audience. Knowing this information will not only help you choose the right Gig, but it will also help you use the right resources to reach your audience and appeal to their specific needs.

You have a few options when it comes to learning about your audience:

  • Find them online: Where is your customer hanging out on the web? Maybe there are certain threads, hashtags, or groups where they’re active on a daily basis.  Listen to what they’re saying.  Find out what’s frustrating them and use that in deciding on the gigs you want to promote.
  • Use the data: Dive into the analytics of your website. Who’s visiting? Use the demographic data (i.e. age, gender, interests, occupation) to get a fuller picture of who you’re marketing to.
  • Conduct research: Use the data to inform further research.  For example, if you find that your audience is interested in digital marketing to grow their businesses, learn more about the trends in digital marketing to help focus your efforts.

Choose the Right Subcategory

During your selection process, consider promoting a subcategory instead of a general category like Graphics & Design.  Every general Fiverr category is broken up into several smaller subcategories (i.e. Graphics & Design has 22 subcategories and is still growing), and these niches speak more directly to your audience’s needs.  Focus your search by revisiting your audience research and diving into the relevant subcategory, like Logo Design or Illustration. 

Fiverr Discover – Discover inspiring works that you can promote

If you feel like you still need a little guidance narrowing down the options, Fiverr Discover is a great way to discover sellers by browsing their deliveries.  Here, Fiverr handpicks beautiful deliveries from some of the platform’s talented sellers in the Graphic and Design and Video and Animation categories.

Use the filtering tools

Simplify your search for the right Gig by using our filtering options.  You can sort Gigs by price range, by bestsellers, or by seller level.  You can also filter the results to find Pro sellers whose Gigs display the “Pro Verified” badge.  Filtering helps you quickly identify sellers who are vetted, and find Gigs that meet your audience’s needs and are most likely to convert.

Choosing the right Gig

You’ve identified your audience, you’ve decided on a subcategory, and you’ve filtered down the results. Now, it’s time to pick the right Gig.  Choosing the right Gig requires a little bit of investigation, but it’s worth your time.  Consider the following criteria when deciding:

  • View sellers’ portfolio examples: Assess the quality of work that the seller is delivering, and make sure it matches what’s being advertised in the Gig description.
  • Check metrics: Take a look at the seller’s response time, on-time delivery rate, and order completion rate to understand more about the way they work.
  • Read reviews and ratings: Buyers will rave about a great product.  Listen to what they’re saying.
  • Read the Gigs: Take the time to thoroughly read through the Gig description to understand what you’re promoting.
  • Look for professionalism: Choose Gigs that are well-designed and presented professionally (i.e. consistent branding, no typos, etc.).  You want to promote a Gig that impresses on the first click.

Get ready to convert

Last, but most certainly not least, you’ll need to track your results.  The only way to do this is by creating a deep link, which you’ll insert into all the marketing you use to promote your chosen Gigs. 

See this tutorial to seamlessly create your deep links:

Tracking your results is critical to your success.  Results may vary, and your chosen Gig may not convert as you anticipated.  This could mean choosing another Gig, or it could mean adjusting your method of promotion. Like any business, you’ll need to keep trying new things and monitoring results.  Everything may not always work, but if you constantly tweak and revamp, and you invest the time to choose the right Gigs for your audience, you’ll have no problem driving revenue.

Remember: A Gig is purchased on Fiverr every 5 seconds – the possibilities for affiliate income are endless!

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