To 100K and Beyond:

What a top Fiverr Affiliate learned on his journey to success

As a media buyer, Muhammad Bilal Haider works with clients to plan and execute advertising campaigns across traditional channels as well as social media and search engines. Through his partnership with Fiverr, he has earned over 100K. Here’s how he did it.

What is the biggest business challenge you’ve overcome?

My biggest challenge has been managing limited ad budgets and resources to deliver effective campaigns.

How has your business grown since you first started?

I started off making just $50-$60 a month. After testing different strategies and adapting my business model accordingly, I’ve been able to grow that to more than 10K+ in monthly revenue.

To what specific changes do you attribute your success?

I was not targeting the right demographics and countries. I continued looking at the statistics and being consistent with my optimization until I found the countries that best fit my business and were seeing the most traffic and conversions. The dashboard on Fiverr is something I now use very often to monitor my performance in different countries.  That’s the key for the traffic and profitability.

What would you say to other affiliates facing the same challenges you did?

Keep a strong eye on the competition. Note the strategies your competitors are using, and adopt the ones that work. 

What has been the best marketing move you’ve ever made for your own business?

Going to affiliate conferences and networking with people who could offer me beneficial insights for my business. 

How do you stay on top of new trends in the industry?

I am part of different networks that help alert me to any important updates and innovations.

How did you build an effective conversion funnel?

To build an effective conversion funnel, it’s important to understand your target audience, create compelling content and offers, and continually optimize the funnel based on data and analytics. By focusing on these key areas, you can create a funnel that effectively moves prospects from awareness to conversion.

How have you benefited from using our product and services?

Fiverr is a product that converts really well. Of all the programs I work with, this is the most profitable one and it’s given a huge boost to my overall revenue. Additionally, Fiverr’s reports have helped me gain insight into which demographics are responding to which categories so that I can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

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