Announcing Fiverr’s New Podcast Store

Announcing Fiverr’s New Podcast Store

The podcast industry is seeing rapid growth, with an impressive 65% compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2018. By 2021, the industry is expected to generate more than $1 billion in revenue. And there’s a good reason behind this growth and popularity—podcasts are convenient to enjoy.

Unlike text and visual content formats, you don’t have to set aside other tasks to consume podcasts. For instance, you can listen to a podcast while you’re driving, cooking, or even working. As such, more and more businesses are starting to realize that they can use podcasts to reach a bigger audience. Yet it can be challenging to create and promote one, especially with budget and time constraints.

Fiverr is excited to announce the new Make Your Podcast store to help you cut costs while saving time in podcast production. Whether you have an established podcast and want to save some money or you want to create a new podcast and attract listeners, the store features seven types of services.

Through the new Make Your Podcast store, you’ll discover talented, hand-picked freelancers who will help polish your podcast content as well as marketers to help you promote it:

1: Polish Your Audio Quality with Podcast Editing

If you’re going to get your message across clearly, people need to be able to hear what you’re saying. This means your audio quality should be crisp and clean. Not only that, but you can’t just use your recording as-is. You’ll need to remove bloopers and unnecessary sections as well as add a signature intro and outro to engage your listeners.

Perfect your recording with the help of our audio editing experts who will help you clean your files, include ads, and add intros and outros. These handpicked freelancers will help you turn your recordings into production-ready podcasts that engage your listeners.

2: Promote to Attract New Listeners

Every podcast needs to attract new listeners in order to grow. So besides creating high-quality content, you need to find a way to promote it through the right channels. This can involve sharing it on social media, advertising through relevant channels, and getting promoted through other podcasts.

This can be time-consuming—not to mention challenging—especially when you have to handle the operational aspects of your business. Work with select freelancers on Fiverr to promote your podcast through ads, social media posts, teasers, and interviews.

3: Improve Visibility with SEO-Optimized Show Notes

We all want to improve our content visibility so the right people can find it. Although podcast promotion alone can be highly effective, you should couple it with SEO-optimized show notes so people can discover your podcast through search results as well.

Fiverr connects you with freelancers who offer podcast show note writing services and can neatly summarize your episodes to engage your audience. These freelancers will help you optimize your show notes with the right keywords so your podcast turns up in the most relevant searches.

4: Create Attractive Podcast Cover Art

Your cover art says as much about the quality of your content as your podcast title. An eye-catching icon can help you draw in your target audience and turn them into loyal listeners. Get more people to click on and listen to your podcast with the help of our podcast cover art designers.

5: Drive up Engagement with Catchy Intros and Jingles

The first few seconds of your podcast can decide whether or not your audience will listen to the whole thing. Use this opportunity to immediately draw them in with a catchy intro or jingle. Whether you’re looking for a short instrumental or a snappy song, our freelancers can work with you on podcast intro and jingle creation services.

6: Improve Your Content Quality with Handpicked Podcast Writers

While catchy intros and attractive cover art are all well and good, the main thing that’s going to keep people coming back to your podcast is the actual content. It helps to have a proper script in place so you maintain a smooth flow throughout your podcast and really engage your listeners.

Work with our handpicked writers who specialize in podcast content creation to nail this part of your production. Whether you want a script for your intro or for the entire episode, these freelancers will help you bring your brand voice alive and effectively get your message across.

7: Attract More Leads and Listeners by Advertising on Other Podcasts  

With 103 million Americans listening to podcasts weekly, one of the best ways to promote your services or attract new listeners is by advertising on other podcasts. Work with notable podcasters on Fiverr to effectively reach a new and relevant audience. These podcasters will help your exposure by interviewing you or simply mentioning your product, service, or podcast.

Get Podcasting Success With Fiverr

The new Make Your Podcast store has everything you need to turn your podcast into a success. Outsource some of your tasks to the right freelancers to save time, cut costs for your production, and create the best podcast possible.

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