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Big News for Our European Affiliates: Announcing Commission Expansion

Big News for Our European Affiliates: Announcing Commission Expansion

Fiverr is expanding its global footprint and benefiting our European affiliates!

During Q3, Fiverr ran a hyper-local summer brand campaign in Berlin that was highly successful. Traffic to our German website ( nearly doubled, and we saw a significant increase in both brand awareness and user registrations. Encouraged by these early trial results, Fiverr plans to roll out similar integrated campaigns in other cities across Germany and spot opportunities within other German-speaking countries.

Fiverr is also making significant progress towards full localization, supporting multiple languages onto the platform, and expanding cross-border payment capabilities in the marketplace. Currently, the pay-out capability on the Fiverr marketplace is available in five currencies (in addition to USD) and now we will soon boost our Affiliates’ effort to support this global expansion

What this means for our affiliates

Fiverr will allow a new commission expansion and get you paid in your country’s currency, therefore growing your affiliate earnings. Starting January 2020, you’ll have the freedom to choose whether to get paid in EUR, GBP, or USD.

Perhaps the high exchange fees charged by banks and transfer providers may have deterred you from becoming a Fiverr affiliate. Perhaps you’re already an affiliate and you feel the additional exchange fees are inconvenient, not to mention unprofitable. 

Now, with the ability to get paid in your country’s currency, you no longer have to worry about hefty fees to receive their payment.

How much will you be saving?

While your savings-per-transaction after the commission expansion may not seem like much, it’ll collect and build up into a significant sum by the end of the year.

For example, let’s say you earn approximately 150 USD in commission every month. Some banks charge a low rate of 2% exchange fees. This means you’ll be paying an equivalent of around 3 USD per month to get your commission. By the end of the year, you’ll have paid around 36 USD in exchange fees – 36 USD that you could’ve spent on food, groceries, utility bills, or gifts.

On the higher end, other banks may charge up to 10% in exchange fees per transaction. For approximately 150 USD in commissions per month, it could save around 180 USD in exchange fees by the end of the year.

More details about this change

Besides this landmark expansion, there are a few notable details to keep in mind about Fiverr commissions:

  • To choose your currency, First login to your account here. Go to “Account Details” and select “Payment Details” and choose your payment currency.
  • Fiverr derives affiliate commission balance from its USD value and therefore, makes calculations according to the applicable exchange rate at the time of payment. We use Open Exchange Rates to make the necessary exchange rate calculations to ensure that it’s as fresh and as accurate as possible.
  • The commission expansion does not extend to Payoneer. All payments through this transfer provider will be in USD.
  • All other commission terms remain the same, such as the payment threshold and the payout period.

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