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Earn More with Black Friday Revenue Share

Earn More with Black Friday Revenue Share

Get access to more revenue to help you round out the holidays – who doesn’t love a good Black Friday deal?
Our goal? Provide creative entrepreneurs and affiliates just like you with the opportunity to increase sales for this unique holiday season.

Here’s how it works

Fiverr Affiliates wants to help you make the most of the holidays, and our first-ever Net Deposits Revenue Share can help you do just that

It’s simple: for each first-time purchase, you will receive 20% Rev Share of the purchase value, in addition to the existing CPAs

Want to take advantage of our Black Friday Promotion?

  • The promotion starts on Nov 28th, 2109 at 10:00am (GMT +02:00), and ends on December 5th, 2019 at 2pm (GMT +02:00). Purchase dates are used for validation
  • Valid for first-time purchase(s) only, regardless to registration time. 
  • Promotion is applicable for both existing and new affiliates.
    Join now to Fiverr Affiliates to start earning money.

How it can help entrepreneurs (like you!)

The holidays present businesses with the chance to gain new clients and work on exciting projects that can increase your sales and drive revenue. But finding that new business can be tough, and no business owner wants to spend their holidays tracking down new customers. 

Studies from Fiverr have found that Buyers gravitate towards specialized services during the holidays, which is great news if your expertise revolves around skills like digital marketing, social media, email or content marketing, SEM, e-commerce and more. 

You’ve got the services first-time Buyers need, and our affiliate program can help you capture a whole new market of customers. 

Whether that’s a brand seeking graphic design experts or businesses in need of help with year-end, like financial consulting or data analysis, your services can work ‘overtime’ by reaching new segments of buyers exploring Fiverr. 

Put your affiliate program to work and ring in the holidays on the right note (and with some extra sales and revenue, too). 

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