Fiverr Takeover London Tube!

Fiverr Takeover London Tube!

The work habits of Brits are changing rapidly. Fiverr study held on October 2019 found that the ratio of Freelancers in the UK grew by 1.5 in the past 20 years, reaching out to 4.9 Million freelancers in the market. 77% of asked Brits prefer to work away from the office. 67% are thinking about quitting their jobs to go freelance. 43% of full time workers have a side-hustle to help make extra income on top of their main job. 

“According to IPSE, the freelance market contributes £100BN annually to the UK economy. Our data sheds light on a new generation of workers who are either already benefiting from, or considering, the freedom and autonomy that freelancing presents”
Andrew Wray, UK Country Manager at Fiverr

This is why the London Tube takeover comes at a perfect time for the UK freelancing growing market! We’ve covered trains, billboards and buses across the US. We’ve been plastered on the walls of Berlin. And now, London is calling. Make sure you are capturing the moment, seizing outdoor visibility in the highest-traffic points in London, Going live in November!

It goes like this:

Share Fiverr on your page and benefit from increased payout ratios during the duration of the campaign: To make it easy for you to share Fiverr content, we came up with a unique London Tube competition.

If you see one of our ads, snap a quick shot, take a selfie, or get creative. Share on social media using #FindFiverr, and you could win one of ten, £200 Fiverr vouchers.

The rules are simple: 

  1. The contest opens on November 4th and ends on November 25th at midnight.  
  2. All you need to do to enter is Share, including hashtag #FindFiverr 
  3. Make sure the post isn’t set to private. 
Liverpool Street Station, London Tube

We’ll be announcing the winners on our Instagram account stories, every Monday and Friday for the duration of the contest.

Share it with your audience, or come up with your own content. Don’t miss out the opportunity in the growing freelance market – hashtag #FindFiverr and earn more money, now easier than ever!

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