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Fiverr’s e-Commerce Contest: Win Up To $2000 For Writing Original Affiliate Content

Fiverr’s e-Commerce Contest: Win Up To $2000 For Writing Original Affiliate Content 

2020 is almost over, and after such a big year – what is a better way to end it than a great contest everyone can participate in? We thought it would only be fitting to offer some awesome prizes to all of our fellow affiliates.

The Fiverr Affiliates team is happy to present you with an opportunity to win $2000, $1000 or $500 for creating a content piece on the eCommerce services offered by Fiverr!

Online eCommerce and dropshipping grew considerably all around the web over the last year, with plenty of new online stores and platforms popping up every single day in lieu of disappearing physical stores due to Covid-19.

The trend definitely did not skip Fiverr. We were busy this year creating a dedicated Dropshipping store and an offline-to-online website creation tool, as well as massively expanding our eCommerce Development and Marketing categories with even more awesome sellers and services. And now it’s your chance to earn an end-of-year bonus, while promoting eCommerce services and by winning Fiverr Affiliates contests.

How can you enter the contest?

Publish an article on your blog or a video on your Youtube channel about how Fiverr can help your visitors start or scale their eCommerce or Dropshipping business, and send us a link to the post at affiliates@fiverr.com with the title “Content Contest” until January 1, 2021 (don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the content to doubly benefit from it!). 

What are the prizes?

The 3 big winners will get the following prizes:

$2000 – 1st place – Chris from HostingPill
$1000 – 2nd place – Mysson from PennyMatters
$500 – 3rd place – Nikola Roza

How will we choose the winner?

We will evaluate all submitted content pieces based on the following criteria: originality, up-to-dateness, readability and insightfulness; we will then pick three winners with the highest performance of the above. 

Can anyone enter the contest and earn prizes?

Yes, anyone can enter the contest and possibly earn one of our prizes. The only three requirements to be eligible are:

  1. Have an active Fiverr affiliates account.
  2. Post the content on a visible online blog, website or YouTube channel.
  3. Your content must be unique and must have been created after the 5th of November 2020. Any copied or reused content will be immediately disqualified.

What type of content is accepted, and is there a minimum length?

We accept the following types of content:

  1. Textual content (articles and blog posts).
  2. Video content (Youtube videos).

The minimum required length of the submitted content is 500 words for articles and 5 minutes for video-based content.

How long your content will be is up to you, but as a rule of thumb we find 1000-1500 words of written content to be the sweet spot. 

What languages are accepted for the contest?

We accept the following 3 languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French

When will the winners of the contest be announced?

Winners will be announced in our January affiliates newsletter, and will get rewarded via commission bonuses added directly to their affiliate dashboard. 

In addition – winners will be announced and celebrated on the Fiverr Affiliates social media and Blog – so why not give it a shot?

Tip from the PRO’s: don’t forget to add your affiliate links to all the relevant places within your article, that way you make a passive income while waiting to the winners announcement!

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