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Promote Fiverr Affiliates Video and Pocket More Commissions

Promote Fiverr Affiliates Video and Pocket More Commissions 

Everyone is talking about the brand new Fiverr Affiliates video that was made by a Pro seller. We’ve also added more videos to the Fiverr Affiliates dashboard so you can spread your influence even further. Choose which one to promote based on your audience’s interests and start earning more commissions.2020 was a challenging year, to say the least. The global pandemic affected millions of businesses and freelancers, and at Fiverr – we tried our best to improve our platform and accommodate everyone who wanted to join us.

Fiverr Affiliates Introduction 1″12 | Boost Your Earnings By Driving Traffic to Fiverr

2020 was also a big year for Fiverr Affiliates. We grew considerably, with thousands of new affiliates joining every single month. Having said that, there is always room for more affiliates to start their affiliate journey with us.

Why should you refer new affiliates?

Referring an affiliate means that you (as our existing affiliate) bring new affiliates to join the Fiverr Affiliates program. We’re talking about a win-win situation: the new affiliate gets the opportunity to earn more money with Fiverr, and you in turn could earn a share of the referred-affiliates’ earnings.

There are plenty of programs that offer referral or sub-affiliate programs, but usually the commissions they are offering are extremely limited (around 2-3% percent). In the Fiverr Affiliates referral program, If new affiliates will join through your sub-affiliates link- you will be rewarded every month with 10% of their total commission earnings as Fiverr affiliates.

What’s the scope of these 10% commissions? Well, we believe that our higher commission rate, combined with the ease of registration and flexibility of offerings – makes Fiverr Affiliates one of the most attractive programs you can offer to your audience.

Who is it relevant for?

The Refer An Affiliate feature is relevant for any affiliate or website owner whose core audience are online marketers, digital entrepreneurs and well: other affiliates. If you believe your audience can promote Fiverr and earn commissions themselves – then the Refer An Affiliate feature can award you with long term passive income.

How to find the Refer An Affiliate link in my affiliates account?

  • Login into your Fiverr Affiliates account.
  • Click on the “Marketing Tools” tab in the left sidebar, and then you have two options:
    1) Create a deep link – go to “Default and Deep Links” and copy your “Fiverr Sub Affiliates” link. This link won’t send users to Fiverr.com, but rather would send them directly to our affiliates portal:

    2) Use the new Fiverr Affiliates brand videos to attract your followers attention! Go to “All Marketing Tools”, filter by brand “Fiverr sub affiliates” – and choose by type: Video. Make sure to insert an HTML tag on your website

    These are the promotional videos available on your affiliates dashboard:
Why Fiverr Affiliates? | General 32″
Fiverr Affiliates calling all content creators | 32″
Fiverr Affiliates calling all bloggers | 32″
Fiverr Affiliates calling all YouTubers | 32″

What are the other ways to promote Fiverr Affiliates?

There are countless different ways to promote Fiverr Affiliates, but here’s a few ideas for you to explore:

  1. Write a Fiverr Affiliates review – the reviewing space of affiliate programs in particular is still at its infancy. Writing a detailed, in-depth review of our program in your blog can help you get extremely relevant traffic.
  2. Create a review video – YouTube videos about affiliate marketing are doing extremely well right now, and video reviews of affiliates programs are definitely an underserved topic. 
    Creating a review video of our affiliate program with real examples of the way you’ll promote Fiverr, or even better – the way you actually promote Fiverr, is the way to go. As an example, Look at this awesome video by David Utke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taRJVGNbcB0
  1. Send an email to your subscribers – if you have an active email list or newsletter of internet marketers, you can craft an email letting them know about Fiverr’s affiliates program and the benefits they’ll get from joining. The registration is free and takes less than 5 minutes, and with the number of available gigs to promote in the marketplace – the options are virtually limitless.

No matter which option you choose – make sure to include your sub-affiliate link, to keep track and earn your 10% of revenue. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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