Get More Done With Fiverr’s New Data Vertical

Get More Done With Fiverr’s New Data Vertical

At Fiverr, we are proud of the many different verticals that we offer to Buyers and Sellers. From articles & blog posts to logo design, our goal is to help all of our users get the most value from our platform.

It is for these reasons that we are extremely excited to announce a new vertical on the Fiverr platform. That vertical is called Data. The Data vertical is the first vertical that we have launched in many years. The Data vertical includes everything from data science and databases to data entry and data visualization.

For Fiverr Affiliates like you, this represents a fantastic opportunity to provide more value to your audience and generate more revenue. Because this vertical is so new, we want to share some helpful information on the vertical itself and how you can communicate this vertical to your audience.

Some Basics on the New Data Vertical

The new Data vertical has six subcategories. You can find some more details on each subcategory below.

  • Databases: This subcategory includes things like database design and optimization, queries, cloud solutions, database administrators (DBA), and consultation. Sellers under the Databases subcategory can help Buyers plan and design a new data storage or technology. Along with this, they can write and improve database queries for any type of database.
  • Data Processing: The Data Processing subcategory includes data mining and scraping, formulas, macros, automations, and consultation. Expert Sellers in this category can help Buyers with things like manipulation and transformation of data, web scraping using mining, and the creation of formulas and code snippets in Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Data Analytics: Data Analytics includes marketing and sales, product and user experience, surveys and research, business and financial, planning and supply chain, and consultation. Sellers specializing in data analytics can help Buyers analyze all different types of business information and make data-driven decisions.
  • Data Visualization: This subcategory features things like graphs and charts, dashboards, maps, reports, and consultation. Sellers specializing in data visualization can help Buyers present certain types of information beautifully and intuitively.
  • Data Science: The data science subcategory features things like computer vision, text analysis and natural language processing (NLP), ranking and recommendation, time series models, and consultation. Sellers specializing in these features can help Buyers leverage machine learning and AI to extract plenty of valuable (and profitable) business insights. 
  • Data Entry: Data entry may not be the most complicated task in the world, but Fiverr Sellers can provide immense help with manual data typing, data cleaning, fixing formatting, copy and paste, and more.

Communicating the Value Proposition

As you can see, these six subcategories cover a broad spectrum of data-related tasks. Whether a Buyer is a solopreneur or is a manager at a larger company, they can rely on our immensely talented Sellers to get mission-critical tasks done.

For Fiverr Affiliates like you, this new Data vertical can offer you plenty of ways to generate more affiliate revenue.

Ultimately, the Data vertical is appealing to small and medium-sized businesses (“SMBs”) that want to make more data-driven decisions. These SMBs want to use their internal data and information to better understand their businesses, optimize their sales and marketing funnels, and leverage quantitative and qualitative analysis to accomplish their business goals.

Along with SMBs, this new vertical is outstanding for businesses that want to find and collect information from the web to do a variety of tasks—like research, lead generation, and more. Dev leads and those seeking data entry jobs are also prime targets for the Data vertical.

So how do you communicate the value proposition? There are two important points here.

First, stress that the Data vertical can help your audience make data-driven decisions. By better leveraging the data that they already have, Buyers can analyze their sales funnels, drive more conversions, and grow their businesses.

Next, emphasize that the Data vertical can help your audience scale their operational tasks. With data entry services, for instance, your audience members can automate their data flows. Whether they work for small or larger organizations, Sellers in the Data vertical can make their lives easier and deliver better service to their customers.

We are extremely excited about this new Data vertical. If you have any questions about the vertical or how you can take advantage as a Fiverr Affiliate, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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