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Introducing Fiverr’s Influencers Program

Introducing Fiverr’s Influencers Program

At Fiverr, we are constantly searching for ways to provide value to our community. Whether you are an influencer who is looking for exciting brand partnerships or a Fiverr affiliate with a growing YouTube channel, we are laser-focused on helping you succeed.

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that relies on “influencers” to spread the word about a product or service (primarily on social media). The influencer market is expected to become a $16.4 billion industry by the end of this year. Both brands and influencers find immense value in partnering with each other.

Consequently, we are extremely excited to launch our new influencers program. Being the largest platform for digital services, Fiverr affiliates like you can leverage the benefits and perks that are only available to Fiverr influencers.

Fiverr’s Influencers Program

With this background in mind, let’s talk about Fiverr’s influencers program. It is a dedicated funnel and sub-program for YouTubers (and later, influencers on other platforms) within the Fiverr affiliates program. Influencers accepted into the program get access to things like a dedicated compensation plan and exclusive content, best practices, and more.

To join Fiverr’s influencers program, individuals will need to submit an application. This is unlike Fiverr’s affiliates program. Importantly, applicants will need to be YouTube creators with at least 5,000 subscribers. If you aren’t at that point yet, we encourage you to keep building your following before applying.

Why Join the Influencers Program?

There are plenty of reasons why you’ll want to join our new influencers program.

Most importantly, we provide our influencers with Fiverr credits. This is one of the main differences to Fiverr’s affiliates program. Here, you will get credits for purchasing Fiverr services that are relevant to your channel’s content and audience’s interests. From there, you can make engaging content about your experience on the Fiverr platform.

Next, by joining Fiverr’s influencers program, you can enjoy higher commission rates. Depending on the specific partnership plan, we are offering significant commission increases to our influencer partners. Ultimately, these increased commissions can help you grow and scale your business.

You can also provide exclusive promo codes to your viewers. Through this benefit, you can give your viewers a promo code for 10% off their first purchase on Fiverr. This is another way to provide value to your viewers and promote the Fiverr marketplace at the same time.

Finally, you can increase your engagement by creating compelling content about Fiverr. We have found that influencers’ promotional posts about Fiverr tend to work better than other posts. What does this mean for you? Simply put, creating videos that speak about and promote Fiverr will likely be extremely beneficial for you and your channel. In the end, beneficial, buzz-making, and intriguing content about Fiverr can help your audience members accomplish their goals.

Partnership Plans

Considering the above, let’s talk about some of the influencers program partnership plans. There are three available plans:

  1. Video: Within one month, create one dedicated video about Fiverr with affiliate links in the description. You will receive an increased fixed CPA of $30 and up to $300 in Fiverr credits. This option is available for channels with 5,000 or more subscribers.
  1. Campaign: Within three months, create two dedicated videos about Fiverr with affiliate links in the description. You will receive an increased fixed CPA of $40, up to $600 in Fiverr credits, and a custom promo code. This option is available for channels with 20,000 or more subscribers.
  1. Ambassador: Within six months, create three dedicated videos about Fiverr with affiliate links in the description. You will receive an increased fixed CPA of $50, up to $1,000 in Fiverr credits, a custom promo code, and $100 to $1,000 per video. This option is available for channels with 50,000 or more subscribers.
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Plenty of ways to earn with Fiverr’s influencer program

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