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New on Learn From Fiverr: Logo and Branding Design Courses

New on Learn From Fiverr: Logo and Branding Design Course

Learn from Fiverr already has an extensive list of professional course offerings for freelancers. Covering topics like Digital Marketing, Design and Branding, and more, all these courses are taught by the world’s leading experts.

Now, Fiverr Affiliates can promote a new series of course offerings on logo design. As the world’s largest marketplace for digital services, courses from Learn from Fiverr are an optimal way for you to drive traffic and get paid.

Remember: Affiliates earn a 30% commission for every course purchase.

Learn from Fiverr’s New Logo Design Courses

The two new courses Learn from Fiverr is presenting are Symbol Design for Branding and Logo Design Fundamentals

These courses are designed to provide freelance designers with more in-depth knowledge of the nuances of branding and logo design.

Symbol Design for Branding

This course provides instructions on how to create symbols that represent brand identities. It educates students on creating symbols that enable customers to recognize a brand quickly and memorably.

The course includes practical instruction for creating attractive, recognizable symbols that tell a story.

The instructor for this course is Mitchel Hunt, who is a Brand Identify Designer with experience working for clients like Nike, Fender, and Oakley.

Logo Design Fundamentals

This course addresses the specifics of brand logo design best practices. Students will learn how to create eye-catching, strategically-sound logos that stand out from other brands in the marketplace.

This course is applicable to students regardless of their skill and experience. It includes practical tips and techniques, as well as tools and resources which students can use to create logos professionally. The course will also cover aspects of freelance logo design that aren’t always discussed, such as managing client relationships, handing off files, and getting started in the business.

The instructor for this course is Mark Sposato, an award-winning Graphic Designer and Educator at the School of Visual Arts. Sposato has over 10 years of experience in the industry.

These two courses round out Learn from Fiverr’s full Logo & Brand Identity for Designers course package, which includes:

  • Creating Brand Identity Systems
  • Logo Design Fundamentals
  • Symbol Design for Branding
  • Craft a Logo by Hand

The package covers everything a designer needs to learn about logos and brand identities.

Promote Learn from Fiverr’s New Logo Design Courses

Whether the source you use to promote Learn from Fiverr’s courses is a website, a blog, a social media account, or another type of platform, there are plenty of ways to promote these new logo design courses.

For example, you can use Fiverr’s own resources to promote them. Log into your Affiliate account, navigate to Market Tools, then use the filters to find the Learn from Fiverr brand and select your marketing tools. You can use Fiverr’s own assets, including banners and deep links, to promote these new, affordable courses and direct your network toward them.

You can also update your platform, such as your website or blog, with fresh new content about the courses. If you’re writing an article or blog post, keep your target audience in mind. Why would they value these courses? What are some of the benefits that could affect them directly?

Learn from Fiverr provides the most benefits to professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. If your audience has an interest in learning logo design, these courses are just what they need to get started!

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