3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Affiliate Conversion Rates

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Affiliate Conversion Rates 

You have done all the required preparations: completed proper keyword research, written a quality blog post, published it, and let it sit for a few months. Now, this blog post is starting to finally get some needed love and traction from Google, and visitors begin to pour into this article you wrote all those months back.

But lo and behold, despite getting a consistent number of visitors, your blog post doesn’t convert those new users into your target landing page — and, more importantly, into affiliate sales.

It’s one thing to create an SEO-optimized blog post. Creating a blog post that converts users into buyers? That’s a whole different beast. Conversion rate optimization (or CRO for short) is a completely separate concept that bloggers need to learn over time.

But regardless of your existing knowledge of CRO, there are a few easy fixes that bloggers (especially in Fiverr’s affiliate program) can take that will have an immediate noticeable positive impact on their conversion rates.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to three simple tactics you can implement in your content today to improve the conversion rates you get in our affiliate program:

1 – Use the Fiverr Gig Ads Widget

Visualization is a very powerful tool in your blogging arsenal. There’s a reason most established bloggers would never publish a post without at least two or three images and videos, and that’s because it makes your content more digestible (instead of blocks upon blocks of paragraphs) and more interactive.

Fiverr’s new Gig Ads Widget is a simple way to achieve both the visualization and improved conversion goals at the same time. The widget does it by integrating Fiverr’s top converting services right into your website content.

Imagine the following scenario: you have an in-depth tutorial about designing a logo, where you showcase step-by-step instructions on how to design a brand-new logo. After the tutorial, you have a section where you mention alternatives to designing your own logo, and one of those alternatives is Fiverr.

Now, right in this section, instead of just using a simple affiliate link, you can show your users this:

This elegant carousel is much more eye-catching and noticeable than any other element you can put there. And every part of it is clickable, with your own affiliate link.

To learn more about the Gig Ads Widget, read this article from our blog.

2. Adding customer testimonials to your content

Customer testimonials are an important factor in any new buyer’s customer journey.

In fact, according to this study by Statista.com, when asked about the importance of reading online reviews before making a purchase, 38 percent of the respondents answered “very important,” and another 19 percent answered “extremely important.”

Based on those numbers, an easy fix to improve conversion rates that I see very few bloggers actually implement is adding a few customer testimonials into the relevant sections of their content.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. And it doesn’t even have to be text-based. A simple screenshot like the one below can work wonders to improve your visitor’s feeling of security, as long as it’s added in the relevant section where you actually talk about the specific seller.

3. Deep links are more important than you think

Talking about easy ways to increase the conversion rate of your money posts, I have to mention deep links and their importance.

I see far too many bloggers taking the easy and lazy route when it comes to linking. They create a piece of content promoting a specific affiliate product and add dozens of links throughout the article — but all of those links are generic ones that send the user directly to the home page.

If you wish to improve your content’s conversion rate, you have to put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. Would you be satisfied with clicking on a home-page link in a section about animation videos, or a section talking about a specific seller? Of course not!

From our data, we see a clear correlation between the usage of deep links and improved metrics all over the purchase funnel. It’s our responsibility as bloggers to make the customer experience and the transition to the advertiser’s site as seamless as possible if our goal is to improve the conversion rate.

How to create a deep link on Fiverr (to a specific Gig or category page):

1. Go to “Marketing tools” and choose “Default and deep links.”

2. Enter your preferred URL by using the “LP URL” button.

3. Copy your deep link by clicking on the “copy click URL” button.

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