AND.CO Rebranded As Fiverr Workspace | Everything You Need To Know As Fiverr Affiliates

AND.CO Rebranded As Fiverr Workspace | Everything You Need To Know As Fiverr Affiliates

We are proud to announce that AND.CO gets a new name and address: Fiverr Workspace. With Workspace’s capabilities, Fiverr, the leading platform for all freelance needs on a global scale, is now even more comprehensive and freelance-friendly.

A 50% revenue share commission offer for promoting the unlimited plan, as well as how to promote this tool – is all to come in this blog post.

Why you should use Fiverr Workspace:

Fiverr Workspace has been developed for freelancers who manage their businesses off of Fiverr, to help you keep track of all your businesses in one easy-to-navigate place. Track your time, revenue, and projects on Fiverr using Workspace. Workspace streamlines your business operations from invoicing and payments to expense and time-tracking.

Workspace aims to:

  • Enable focus on your actual business and not the admin side of it, giving you more control over managing your business
  • Make organization and payments easier
  • Ensure a smooth and friendly experience

The more you use Fiverr Workspace, the smarter it gets. Workspace’s intelligent automated tools make it easy for you to:

  • Convert your branded proposals into contracts and invoices
  • Update and track all your tasks, expenses, and hours
  • Explore advanced business analytics
  • Prepare your tax-day paperwork

What’s changed?

Let’s compare Fiverr workspace with the previous AND.CO.

In short, AND.CO’s transition into Fiverr Workspace will help us give you more: more tools to streamline your work, more opportunities to grow your business, and more ways to get paid.

AND.CO was founded in 2015 with the mission of managing, streamlining, and optimizing the back-office operations of small and medium sized businesses. This meant that the talented professionals running the businesses could focus on their passions, rather than their paperwork.

Over the years, AND.CO’s advanced back-office platform has learned some new tricks, automating and improving nearly every aspect of business management. Understanding the shift to the gig economy better than anyone, Fiverr acquired AND.CO to serve and empower even more dreamers and go-getters worldwide—whether they sell their services on the Fiverr Marketplace or anywhere else.

The things that won’t be changing: 

The features that you love will still be available to you. The proposals, projects and invoices that you already have set up will still be on Fiverr Workspace. Pricing and offerings will also remain the same. The only thing changing is the name of the paid program (from Pro to Unlimited).

  • Your Data
    Fear not! All of your client information, documents, templates, and tracked data are exactly as you left them.
  • Your Login Information
    Although Fiverr Workspace is now at a new address (www.workspace.fiverr.com), you can still log in using your existing login credentials.
  • Our Interface and UX
    We’ve refreshed the design but kept the app structure and flow familiar, so you can jump in and get right back to work.
  • Our Commitment and Support
    The integration with Fiverr means we can develop new tools faster, expand our award-winning customer support, and continue serving doers and dreamers around the world.

A sneak peek into some of our favorite future developments:

  • New Payment Options                        
    We’re making it even easier to get paid. New options will enable you to work on retainer, with invoices generated and sent automatically at predefined intervals. Plus, new personalization options mean your docs are always on-brand.
  • More Support for Tax Day
    Discover new advanced business reports and automated tax prep that dig deeper than ever before. Connect with financial consultants on Fiverr who are ready to help with all of your accounting and tax needs.
  • A Better User Experience
    From team login and upgraded mobile apps to deeper connections with Fiverr (and beyond!), we’re adding options to adapt Fiverr Workspace to your unique business needs and processes.

Why to promote Fiverr Workspace to your followers – cause you earn 50% revenue share commission:

It all comes down to whether you have the right target audience following your channel, and if you have freelancers following your channel.

As with AND.CO, our commission plan offers 50% revenue share of the Unlimited Workspace plan (previously the AND.CO Pro plan).

Commissions wise, the Unlimited Workspace plan costs $216 in yearly fees or $24 in monthly fees. You can earn:

50% of monthly membership fees during the first subscription year – $12 per month


50% of annual membership fees (if paid annually) – $113 CPA payment (valid for the first year only)

How to promote:

As always, we have multiple ways for you to promote Fiverr Workspace – at your convenience:

  1. Use default link, by logging in to your affiliate account and choosing the Fiverr Workspace link.
    Note that we are automatically re-directing existing AND.CO links to Fiverr Workspace new links. We do though strongly recommend those of you who use AND.CO links to login to your affiliate’s account and update the old links to new ones. Just to 100% be sure you are on track.

2. Create a deep link to the step-by-step guide, and use this educational content to increase your conversions.

3. Use creative ads – filter by brand ‘Fiverr Workspace’ and embed the HTML code to your site. Just look how beautiful they are…

It’s that easy.

Still have questions? Check out Fiverr workspace FAQ page or contact us at affiliates_support@fiverr.com

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