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Announcing New Affiliate Opportunities with Fiverr Business

Announcing New Affiliate Opportunities with Fiverr Business

We’re excited to share with our affiliate community one of the hottest new opportunities for promoting Fiverr – Fiverr Business: Your chance to get $100 CPA once the account reaches $100 in spend + 10% rev share for 12 months.

Talent is one of the main variables that separate the best businesses from the rest. After all, businesses are made up of a group of people that works together to achieve a common goal. Without a cohesive and motivated team, it is extremely difficult to develop new products and services, serve customers, and increase profits. 

That being said, the reality is that finding and utilizing that talent can be extremely difficult. For nearly every sector or industry, the hiring market is competitive. Not only that, but all businesses need to stick to their budgets. Even if there is a rockstar employee that they’d like to hire, bringing on a full-time employee may be cost-prohibitive?

The good news? There is a new solution that can give business owners access to world-class talent at the drop of a hat. It is called Fiverr Business.

As a Fiverr Affiliate, Fiverr Business represents a fantastic chance to provide value to your audiences and increase your affiliate income. Whether you are a new Fiverr Affiliate or have been a Fiverr Affiliate for some time, we highly encourage you to leverage this opportunity.

Digging Into Fiverr Business

Up to this point, you may have thought of Fiverr as a place where solo buyers and solo sellers gathered to create value. And yes, Fiverr is certainly a place where you can get help on many different types of projects. No matter your project or budget, you can find a talented seller that can deliver outstanding work product. 

Ultimately, Fiverr Business is a game-changer because it expands and enhances a team’s capabilities. Businesses can benefit from Fiverr Business in many different ways. For instance, Fiverr Business provides businesses with a deep roster of skilled sellers. No matter the size or scale of a particular project, businesses can find the help they need on Fiverr. Another significant benefit centers on time. Businesses get instant access to stellar talent on their own schedules. This is a huge benefit—especially if they need to complete a project in a short amount of time. 

Better yet, businesses that leverage Fiverr Business get access to a Customer Service Manager. This Customer Service Manager can offer everything from custom solutions and guidance to tips on getting the most out of the Fiverr platform. White-glove service like this can reassure business owners and ensure that they are extremely satisfied with their Fiverr experience. 

An Outstanding Opportunity For Fiverr Affiliates

As you can see, Fiverr Business offers a fantastic way for businesses to access excellent talent on-demand. The value doesn’t stop there, however. Fiverr Business is a great opportunity for Fiverr Affiliates like you. 

Fiverr Affiliates get two main benefits from Fiverr Business. The first is the ability to provide immense value to your audience. Whether your audience is made up of small business owners or employees at larger companies, you can introduce Fiverr Business to your fans and followers. They will be able to work with the talented freelancers on Fiverr Business to accelerate their growth and grow their bottom lines.

But along with this, Fiverr Business can be the source of substantial affiliate income:

Promote Fiverr Business and earn $100 CPA once the account reaches $100 in spending + 10% revenue share for 12 months.

Fiverr Affiliates who promote Fiverr Business can receive $100 for every first-time buyer who has made a cumulative purchase of at least $100 on Fiverr Business, in addition to 10% revenue share of any purchases made by that new buyer for the first 10 months. It is a great way to generate healthy amounts of affiliate income while helping your audience grow their businesses. 

To promote Fiverr Business and earn these commissions, please make sure to generate a tracking link specifically for Fiverr Business. You’ll also be happy to know that if a user who has clicked through your Fiverr Business dedicated link, but ends up purchasing through the regular Fiverr marketplace, you will still earn the regular commissions for every first-time-buyer on the marketplace!

Ultimately, Fiverr Affiliates like you should do some research and think about how Fiverr Business can help your audiences. There are countless numbers of ways that this can happen, including the following:

  • If you have a YouTube channel on dropshipping tactics, you can refer your audience to ecommerce professionals on Fiverr. These professionals can help your audience with everything from setting up their websites to creating new marketing campaigns.
  • You may have a blog on helping organizations set up their own podcasts. You can refer to Fiverr Business in helping your audience write podcast scripts, record voiceovers, and more. 
  • If you have a website that teaches email marketing tactics, you can reference email marketing and copywriting experts on Fiverr Business. No matter the size of their businesses, your audience members can work with Fiverr sellers to create compelling email marketing campaigns. 
  • Assuming that you have a blog on graphic design, you can refer your audience members to adopt Fiverr Business at their graphic design studios. 

There is now a wide selection of new banners and other marketing materials dedicated to Fiverr Business are now live on your affiliate dashboard and waiting for you to use. You can find them while filtering by name “Fiverr Business“.

Creating Mutual Value 

Fiverr Business creates mutual value for both you and your audience members. Even though high-quality on-demand talent can be so difficult to find, Fiverr Business removes many of these obstacles. Your audience can quickly find outstanding sellers that can take their businesses to the next level. And as a Fiverr Affiliate, you can receive attractive incentive payments for making it happen.

So, what are you waiting for? Fiverr Business opens up new uncharted territory for you as a Fiverr affiliate – we’re excited to see you promote it!

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