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Seize the Season Online!

Seize the Season Online!

The Internet has made it easy to find nearly any item at any hour of the day. This is especially true in the U.S., where there’s been a positive e-commerce trend ongoing for the past five years. Still, there are certain parts of the year that are best known for all their online shopping – most notably from October to December. This shopping season is packed with holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and a new movement called 10/10

This year’s shopping season will be slightly different. For one thing, it will include Amazon Prime Day (occurring on October 13 and October 14). Covid-19 is also limiting in-person shopping, meaning that e-commerce is going to become even more important during this unusual year.

Even before this year, our team at Fiverr noticed that this most lucrative shopping season begins every October. Consequently, we are soon launching a dedicated content hub so that business owners within the Fiverr community can be fully prepared to succeed. For Fiverr affiliates like you, this represents an outstanding opportunity to provide more value to your audience and generate more commissions.

The Opportunity for Fiverr Affiliates

Looking at the data, the annual shopping season results in significant increases in many different Fiverr subcategories. Many of the subcategories are related to digital marketing. This makes intuitive sense, as the fourth quarter “is literally money time in online marketing.” Consumers are willing to spend more during this time of year, and because of this, both large and small companies are trying to get their attention.

For instance, from September to October, we’ve seen a 41% month-over-month increase in our greeting cards and videos subcategory. From companies creating video campaigns for their customers to individuals sending awesome greeting cards to their loved ones, Fiverr buyers are looking to get their messages in front of the others. Along with this, we’ve seen a 32% month-over-month increase in mobile marketing and advertising and a 21% increase in e-commerce marketing.

We can expect similar – or even greater – growth rates this year. To take advantage of this opportunity, you can leverage an attractive commission plan. You can choose if you want to earn $15 to $150 CPA or earn through our Hybrid plan. Through the hybrid plan, you can earn $10 CPA for the FTB plus a 10% revenue share for returning buyers. 

How to Drive More Buyers to Fiverr

The easiest way would be:
> login into your affiliate account
> Go to “Marketing Tools””All assets” – Filter by name “Online Season”
> Get your HTML code copied to your site!

Or, promote the four “online-season” checklists:

Other Points to Note

Beyond the checklists above, you can take advantage of many different resources to get started.

First, if you aren’t sure where to start, visit our hub. Here, you can explore more options on how to start seizing this online shopping season. Click here to access the hub.

Take advantage of a live webinar that we’ll be holding for affiliates like you. A digital marketing expert will be hosting the webinar and it will further discuss the importance of preparing for the shopping season. The webinar will also include actual Fiverr users who will share their experiences of leveraging the upcoming season.

Next, feel free to capitalize on our filmed case studies:
For instance, you can learn from an e-commerce company called Franklin+Emily. Franklin+Emily has completed “The Shift” and moved its business online. In the case study, you can see how Franklin+Emily is preparing for the season and the services that they are using. Another case study is from Lavender, which is an online therapy and psychiatry office. Lavender is a service provider rather than a brick-and-mortar business, so it can be a great case study if your audience is full of service providers.

Finally, if you aren’t sure where to start, we will upload a “Seize the Season” Hub in the upcoming days. In the hub, you could explore more options on how to start seizing this online shopping season. Stay tuned!

Go ahead and start making those commissions!

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