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Category Update – Fiverr’s Newest Writing categories

Grow Your Affiliate Income With Fiverr’s Newest Writing categories

Fiverr is constantly expanding, in an effort to provide the best digital services for every niche.  As new categories are added to the platform, our affiliates gain access to more Gigs and sellers to promote, and more opportunities to boost affiliate income.  In recent months, four new categories – Book & eBook Writing, Scriptwriting, Beta Reading, and Speechwriting –  were added to the Writing & Translation vertical.  Taking the time to explore these Gigs could be the key to unlocking your affiliate potential.

Book & eBook Writing

This category is the ultimate destination for everything concerning writing, marketing, or pitching books.  Whether a potential new buyer is a businessowner hoping to establish thought leadership through an eBook or a writer who’s self-publishing a first novel, there’s a service here for their specific needs.

Book & eBook Writing breaks down into three main services:

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  1. Ghostwriting: A ghostwriter does the heavy lifting; he or she takes an idea and turns it into the actual book.  They’re responsible for all the writing, but not the editing.  This is perfect for someone with a big idea but not the skills to get it on the page.
  2. Book blurbs: Most books have associated marketing copy that appears on the back cover and in descriptions on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  This can include a summary of the book’s key elements or a short bio about the author.
  3. Book proposals: Writers who want to publish their books traditionally often use a book proposal to convince a publisher of its potential.  Sellers in this category will help with forming a compelling proposal, inclusive of chapter summaries, competitive analysis, and market research.


When viewing an explainer video, watching a TV show, or listening to a podcast, it’s clear that each of these mediums has one thing in common – storytelling.  And that story is told through an expertly crafted script.  The new Scriptwriting category is the home base for all things concerning scripts.

category is the home base for all things concerning scripts.

Scriptwriting consists of seven key services:

  1. Promotional Videos: These videos can be either explainer videos or short video ads.  Sellers offering this service will create scripts that can be used for voiceovers or on-air talent.
  2. Film & TV Screenplays: Sellers will take a big idea and create a complete script.  This service can even include creation of a logline, the one-sentence summary of the project that serves as the elevator pitch.
  3. Script Coverage: This service is for professional feedback for screenwriters.  It could involve a detailed critique, a synopsis, script notes, or even a grade.
  4. Audio Ads: These sellers craft short scripts for radio and podcast ad spots.
  5. Podcasts: This service is perfect for podcast hosts or creators with structured podcasts that involve some form of reporting or storytelling.
  6. Cold Calls: Telemarketing scripts are often essential for salespeople who pitch services and products as part of their everyday work.
  7. Webinars: These scripts are for videos with a specific educational focus.

Beta Reading

Before an author releases a book to the general public or sends it out for consideration from agents or publishers, feedback from prospective readers can help catch plot holes and issues with characterization.  The Beta Reading category is a great place to seek out critiques from objective third parties.  The feedback can be used to polish a book just before publishing or making a big pitch.


Speeches play an important role in everything from a wedding toast to an awards ceremony to an important business presentation.  Sellers in the Speechwriting category can help find the right words for any occasion, including business meetings, celebrations or toasts, comedy events, eulogies, elevator pitches, TED Talks, religious sermons, and political addresses.

Ready to promote?

Each of these new categories offers unlimited potential to boost your affiliate income. To start promoting them today, login to your account and create your new affiliate deep links! If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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