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Meet the Affiliate – Ari Leon Fruchter

Meet the Affiliate – Ari Leon Fruchter

Who: Ari Leon Fruchter

What: CBO (Chief Business Officer) Powtoon

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

Why do you love what you do? I love to scale things globally and impact the lives of others. Powtoon brings a spark of awesomeness to one’s day.

How long have you been a Fiverr Affiliate? Since March 2018.

Why Fiverr Affiliate program? Powtoon is the leading DIY video content creation platform with 25 million users. It was a natural fit to work with Fiverr to allow our users to easily enhance their Powtoon’s with voiceovers, illustrations, script writing, music & sound effects, and much more.

Talk to us about your traffic-boosting magic! There is a link to Fiverr on our homepage as well as links within our product at the relevant locations. We also have a dedicated page on Fiverr to drive our users to:

What’s the best thing about partnering up with us? The opportunity to have 2 market leaders and neighbours work closely together to add value to our communities.

Give our readers a super affiliate tip! Don’t think. Just do and learn and scale while doing.

Thanks Ari!

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