Olá: Fiverr Announces a Portuguese-First Website for Buyers and Sellers in Brazil

Olá: Fiverr Announces a Portuguese-First Website for Buyers and Sellers in Brazil

We’re excited  to announce the creation of, our native website for Brazilian buyers and sellers. The website is entirely in Portuguese and incorporates the well-known Boleto payment system, making the experience affordable, efficient, and seamless. 

Whether you’re  trying to delegate a mission-critical task for your business or looking  to offer your audience an excellent tool to help them accomplish their goals  on a budget, our Portuguese website can help you get the job done. 

Why Fiverr chose to enter Brazil

As you likely know, Fiverr expends significant effort in its localization process. It has entered many new markets over the last year—all with fully-localized websites. These fully-localized websites fit local users’ needs, enabling them to complete a full transaction in their native language. What started as a simple idea in February 2010 has grown into a global juggernaut that empowers both buyers and sellers. 

Brazil is one of the most exciting countries in the world today. According to data from the Brazilian government, micro and small enterprises produce 27.5% of GDP, 44% of wages, 55% of total employment, and a stunning 99% of total Brazilian businesses. 

Brazilian small businesses are essential to the present and future growth of the economy. Simultaneously, digital commerce is showing exciting growth in Brazil. It’s the largest e-commerce market in Latin America. In the first five months of 2020 alone, Brazilian ecommerce sales rose by 57%. While this dramatic increase can be attributed to Covid-19, smaller merchants and brick-and-mortar retailers have jumped on this trend. 

With only around 5% of retail sales occurring online, there’s a massive opportunity for Brazilian small businesses to leverage Fiverr. Everyone from the solo entrepreneur to the local brick-and-mortar store can work with Fiverr sellers to grow and scale their businesses—all on a budget. 

How caters to the Portuguese language market

The Portuguese language is central to Fiverr’s Brazilian website. We wanted to create a localized version of Fiverr that’s easy and familiar for our Brazilian users. With more Portuguese speakers in Brazil than English speakers, it was all too natural for our Brazilian-localized website to be in Portuguese.

Along with language, one of the most important parts of Fiverr’s Brazilian website centers on payments and affordability. We’re extremely excited to let buyers and sellers transact through Boleto.

Boleto is an affordable, safe, user-friendly, and efficient way for Brazilians to make online purchases. One recent study found that a little more than half of Brazilians have used Boleto to pay for foreign products or services. Even more interesting is the fact that 53% of those respondents had a credit card.

Through Boleto, we can let you and your audience reach 100% of Brazilian online shoppers. Instead of leaving valuable sales on the table, sellers can be sure that they’re maximizing their potential revenue. As for buyers, they can be confident that they’re purchasing digital services in a safe and secure way. 

How to promote the local website

  1. Login and access your Fiverr Affiliate dashboard.
  2. Select “Marketing Tools.”
  3. Select “Default and Deep Links.”
  4. Add “” on the LP URL tab. You can also choose to earn with the CPA plan or the Hybrid plan. Both commissions are detailed in Fiverr Affiliates commission plan page.
  5. Tip from the Affiliates Team: Use the LP (landing page) URL to refer traffic to the relevant seller on the domain, and add a deep-link straight to the seller’s gig page. This is a great way to increase your conversion rate for a particular seller. 

From there, you can get started earning. Exciting, right?

As a separate point, this is a great opportunity to introduce “get your website” wizard to your Brazilian followers. In only three steps, a user can find the right freelancer. That freelancer can help the user move their business online and join the trend of Brazilian businesses capturing vast opportunities in the digital world. And the best part – you as an affiliate, earn $40 commission for every first-time-buyer who purchased on this Fiverr wizard.

Know local influencers? refer them to our affiliates program and benefit from their commission

As a side note, if you’re already an Affiliate and believe your audience is great for Fiverr’s Affiliates program, this is a great opportunity to refer new Affiliates to Fiverr. Doing this, you can earn 10% of the referred Affiliates’ commission for a lifetime.

It’s easy to start—you can do this via the relevant deep link, as seen below.

You can also do this through the one-pager, that will help your followers to choose the right way for them to promote Fiverr. You can find it on your “Marketing Tools” area, while filtering by brand “fiveraffiliates” and filter by language “Portuguese.”

Capitalizing on Growth in Brazil

As we launch this Brazilian version of Fiverr, we’re excited for our buyers, sellers, and Affiliates. There are plenty of ways to add value for your audience—all while making real cash at the same time. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Take advantage of this opportunity today!

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