Hallo: Fiverr Launches First-Ever Foreign Language Site for German Buyers

Hallo: Fiverr Launches First-Ever Foreign Language Site for German Buyers

Fiverr just launched a localized German website,  This means that everything on Fiverr’s main website – the homepage, category pages, gig pages, order checkout, payment, and the resolution center – will be translated to German.  It’s the first time that Fiverr has enabled buyers to complete transactions in a non-English language environment. It’s also an incredible opportunity for affiliates to expand their audience and reach new potential buyers.

Why the German Market?

Germany’s potential for digital growth is huge.  For 2019, estimates show that the country’s digital sector grew an estimated 1.5% to €168.5 billion (194.2 billion USD). German spending on digital ads was estimated at €7.28 billion (8.59 billion USD), a nearly 10% increase over 2018.  There’s also similar growth in e-commerce.  

Plus, there’s a big push to improve Germany’s digital infrastructure, a move that could boost Germany’s GDP growth by 2.4% over the next decade. Where other countries like the U.S. have fully embraced tech and digital advancements, Germany is just hitting its stride.

In response, more companies have turned to freelancers to lower costs and stay competitive in the globalized economy.  And, with improved digital capabilities and platforms like Fiverr, more and more Germans are going into business for themselves.  

Germany’s total population has remained relatively unchanged for several years, but its number of freelancers is increasing. Today, there are an estimated 1.3 million self-employed Germans working across a wide range of fields, from law and medicine to cultural occupations like writing and design.

On Fiverr, we’ve witnessed the impact of these major social and technological changes.  We’ve seen a noticeable uptick in demand from German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).  Last year, Fiverr’s traffic in Germany, on the English-speaking marketplace, doubled from Q2 to Q3.  Additionally, the number of German sellers increased by 76%, and buyers spiked by 81%. With such high demand, launching the German marketplace was the next logical step.

Will the German Fiverr Experience Be Different?

Beyond adapting the site’s language for the German market, the buyer’s entire experience was adapted to fit the cultural expectations, needs, and behaviors of German users.  For example, last year, Fiverr introduced the Euro, Giropay, and Sofortüberweisung as local payment methods.

And, to further improve communication between buyers and sellers, Fiverr has plans to introduce machine learning that will automatically translate content from international sellers’ gig pages to German.  This feature is scheduled to launch later this year.

With these improvements, the localized German site will provide German buyers with a more intuitive and comfortable buying environment.  However, Fiverr Germany Head of Growth David Miltner sees other benefits. He said, “By offering a localized marketplace, we are not only providing our German speaking users with a much better user experience from signup to checkout, but also attracting new audiences to the marketplace, which were harder to acquire before, due to language barriers.”

How is Fiverr Supporting the Launch?

To spread the word about the localized site, Fiverr Germany is using a 360-degree campaign that relies heavily on content marketing and storytelling.  This includes an out-of-home ad campaign in Hamburg, YouTube content, story pins on Pinterest, and collaborations with German influencers.

The objective is to reach the target audience in a creative and unfamiliar way, and present Fiverr as a convenient solution to quickly implement projects with freelancers.

How Can Affiliates Leverage the New Site to Boost Earnings?

Fiverr affiliates who take advantage of the localized German site can offer prospective buyers an improved experience.  You can also reach a bigger, more diverse audience that may have been unable to use the English-language site.

Promoting the German site is just as easy as promoting the English-language marketplace:

  1. First, refer your traffic to Fiverr.
  2. Then, log into your affiliate account and go to your Dashboard.
  3. Select Marketing Tools.
  4. Click on Default and Deep Links.
  5. Add “” on the LP URL tab.
  6. And you’re all set!

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