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YouTube Influencer Peter McKinnon Recommends Fiverr’s Photoshop Services in a New Video

YouTube Influencer Peter McKinnon Recommends Fiverr’s Photoshop Services in a New Video

Fiverr recently partnered with award-winning YouTube Creator and Influencer Peter McKinnon for a new video that highlights several of Fiverr’s top Photoshop sellers. In the video – titled “I Paid Photoshop ‘Experts’ to edit this photo better than me” – Peter hires different sellers to work their magic on a specific photo, and he compares their edits with his own work.  The result? Fiverr’s sellers show off their talents and make a great impression on Peter.

With an incredible 4.35 million YouTube subscribers, Peter is one of the most recognizable YouTubers in the photo and video categories.  The Toronto-based filmmaker’s videos average 400,000 views each. When he speaks, his audience listens.

Response to his “Photoshop” video has been tremendous.  It racked up 275,000 views in less than 13 hours and currently has over 3 million views.  The video has also broken Peter’s records for “lifetime” clickthrough, registration, and engagement numbers.  In short, it’s a hit!

Given the video’s 3M views (as of this post publication time), many new potential buyers are being introduced to Fiverr’s Photoshop services.  Now is the time to leverage this momentum and boost your affiliate income by promoting Fiverr’s Photoshop and Design services.

1. Photoshop Editing

Fiverr’s Photoshop Editing services range from professional manipulation and retouching of existing photos to the creation and design of original images.  These services are perfect for business owners and Amazon sellers who need appealing product images. They’re also great for more personal reasons, like the newly married couple who wants to ensure their wedding photos are just right.  Fiverr’s Photoshop Editing sellers have the skill and the talent to produce professional, visually stunning images.

2. Logo Design

Use Fiverr’s Logo Design services to create a logo that’s the perfect representation of your brand.  Our sellers will incorporate the elements from your brand style guide and help you present a fresh, consistent image to your current and prospective customers.

3. Social Media Design

Stand out in every feed with the help of Fiver’s Social Media Design experts.  They’ll help you create all the essentials for social media success, from Instagram posts and YouTube banners to digital media kits.

4. Video Marketing

With Fiverr’s Video Marketing gurus, you can craft video ads that get attention and keep users watching to the last second.  Video Marketing services include animations, YouTube channel SEO optimization, and more.

5. Visual Effects

Visual effects can help make your videos more dynamic.  Fiverr’s Visual Effects services include one-off effects, compositing, animation, clean up, and full cycle effects services.  Whatever the scope of the project, Fiverr’s Visual Effects sellers have you covered.

Introducing Peter’s Favorite Sellers

Not sure which sellers to promote in these categories?  Don’t worry. Peter has curated some of Fiverr’s best talent on his exclusive recommendations page, Peter’s Favorite Sellers.  Here, you’ll find highly rated experts in all the categories mentioned above.  

Peter’s recommendations make it easy to pick strong sellers and promote great services to your audience.  Use this as a resource and start promoting these Photoshop and Design services today!

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