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Attention gamers! Fiverr partnered with FaZe Blaze to launch the Ultimate Game Idea contest

Attention gamers! Fiverr partnered with FaZe Blaze to launch the Ultimate Game Idea contest

The online gaming industry is exploding.  By 2021, annual revenue could reach $2.2 trillion, with nearly 80% of the growth coming from the Asia Pacific and North American regions.  In the U.S., digital video games account for 83% of total video game sales, far outselling physical games.  The U.S. is also home to an estimated 53.6 million online console gamers.

Gaming serves many purposes – it’s a fun pastime, social games encourage connection, and players develop useful skills, like problem solving, hand-eye coordination, and creativity.  But the industry has also become a lucrative opportunity for highly skilled gamers.  In eSports, the world of competitive, organized gaming, players join teams or leagues and compete in major tournaments on the scale of what we see in professional contact sports like football and baseball. Global revenue from eSports grew 16% in 2019, and the audience grew at the same rate.

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Fiverr’s Gaming Services:

Some of 2020’s biggest gaming trends include games with AR and VR components, a bigger push toward mobile games, the seamless integration of streaming into the gaming experience, and “feel engineering” (game design that elicits emotional responses from players).  Buyers hoping to capitalize on these trends can use Fiverr’s wide spectrum of gaming services to stay competitive:  

1. Game Design

Design is one of the most important aspects of creating a great game, and Fiverr’s Game Design sellers can help create graphics and design assets for every game element.  In this category, buyers can find creators to design custom characters, mascots and avatars.  Game Design sellers can also create entire concepts, environments, and cinematic stories.  Additionally, they can design games for any format, whether it’s mobile, desktop, or a specific gaming console.

2. Game Development

Beyond design, there are a lot of other components required to make a great game.  Fiverr’s Game Development sellers can take ideas from concept to reality.  These services include building the blueprint for the game, creating the art, fixing bugs, and laying the framework for a compelling gaming experience.

3. Game Trailers

Once the game has been developed and designed, it’s time to spread the word.  Fiverr’s Game Trailers sellers can create buzz about a forthcoming video game with teaser trailers and cinematic trailers, for both games and apps.  These sellers can also create gameplay montages for players hoping to build their profile and show off their gaming prowess.

4. Gaming Store

Fiverr has curated services for game creators, gamers, and streamers in the Ultimate Gaming Store, a one-stop shop for all things gaming.  In addition to game design, development, and trailers, buyers will find services for overlays and designs, modeling, animation, world-building, game coaching, UI, UX, and much more.

The Ultimate Game Idea Contest

With so much to offer in gaming, it’s only natural that Fiverr partnered with FaZe Blaze, one of the most influential YouTube gamers in the industry.

FaZe Blaze, also known as Lucas Mosing, is an Austrian YouTuber and gamer with 3.3 million YouTube subscribers and 1.4 million Instagram followers.  In 2015, he joined the FaZe Clan®, a popular eSports organization, and has since become one of its most popular stars.  He also recently launched his rap career with the 2017 single, “Woah Kemosabe”.

Fiverr is proud to partner with FaZe Blaze for Blaze’s Ultimate Game Idea, a contest where anyone can turn an idea into a real game.  During the contest, game creators can submit their best game ideas, and there’s no limit to the types of games that will be considered.  Contest entries can be: 8-bit, 16-bit, 2D, retro, futuristic, 3D, VR, AR, mobile, or even level mod.

The best entry will take the top prize – a $25,000 Fiverr Credit to build or finish building the game.  The winning game will also be promoted in Times Square and at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Entrants aren’t required to be gamers, game developers, or designers.  The contest is open to anyone who is creative and has a great idea.  The contest started March 11 and runs until March 25.  For more information, visit ultimategameidea.com.

Start Promoting Fiverr’s Gaming Services Today

Blaze’s Ultimate Game Idea is the perfect chance for Fiverr Affiliates to seize the moment and promote Fiverr’s gaming services across their favorite channels.  Start spreading the word today and boost your earnings!

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