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Good News for Fiverr Affiliates: Now Get Revenue Share with Your Commission

Good News for Fiverr Affiliates: Now Get Revenue Share with Your Commission

At Fiverr, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve your overall experience with our affiliate program. That means providing you with all the tools and support you need to run successful promotional campaigns. It also means finding better ways to help you get the compensation you deserve for your hard work.

Over the years of running our program, there’s one piece of feedback that we’ve been receiving from both existing and potential affiliates: the option to get revenue share.

We heard you! And we’re thrilled to announce that starting today, Fiverr affiliates will have the option to choose between our current CPA commission model and a hybrid revenue share commission model.

Under this new model, you’ll get a fixed $10 CPA for all first-time purchases plus 10% revenue share from the order value of every purchase the user makes for 12 months. This means you’ll get instant compensation for referring new buyers to Fiverr and earn passive income through their purchases for the next 12 months.

Remember: Fiverr gets 20% of each purchase, so a 10% revenue share means you’ll get a 50% cut from our net income on top of the $10 instant CPA.

CPA Commission ModelHybrid Revenue Share Commission Model
Commission rates$15-$50 CPA commissions for first-time purchase$10 CPA commission for first-time purchase + 10% revenue share from the order value of every purchase the user will make for 12 months 
Promotion longevityBetter for short-term promotionsBetter for long-term promotions
Additional commissions for existing usersRevenue is fixed and determined at the time of a user’s first purchase. Can’t be expandedAllows you to increase your revenue from your existing audience through recurring promotions
Singular or multiple promotionsShould be used if your audience is interested in purchasing only one specific Fiverr service and you believe most of them won’t be returning customersAllows you to promote different Fiverr services and earn a commission for all of them over time
Total time taken to get commissionsAllows you to get your total commission revenue faster, which can be used to fuel the growth of your active promotionsAllows you to use the CPA commission component to invest back in your promotions, while consistently growing your monthly revenue share component of the deal
Additional commissionsGives out more lucrative commissions to specific categoriesYou get a fixed $10 CPA commission regardless of the category + 10% of revenue share for each order for 12 months

Which Commission Model Should You Choose?

Both commission models have unique benefits that may appeal to different affiliates for different reasons. 

On one hand, you get your earnings instantly and you get to make more revenue from certain products with higher commission rates. On the other hand, you get to make passive income from each new buyer you refer and get a revenue share from their purchases. This means if the buyer regularly makes an order, you’ll be making a lot more than the fixed commission rates under our existing CPA model.

So how do you decide which one’s better for you? First, take a good look at your own business, particularly your audience and your promotion methods. Then consider the following factors to see which commission model would best benefit your business:

Audience Type

A single fixed commission is best for you if:

  • You send your audience to a specific Gig or category on Fiverr.
  • You’re sure they would only order once without using anything else in the Fiverr marketplace.

The hybrid model makes more sense if:

  •  You believe there are more services your audience might need over time.
  • You can run recurring promotions of different Fiverr services to the same audience.

A better understanding of your audience will help you narrow in on their pain points, needs, and behavior so you’ll know how they can make use of the Fiverr marketplace. This will also give you an idea of how active your referrals are going to be. A more active audience will naturally result in more purchases on Fiverr and therefore, more earnings through the hybrid commission model.

Service Price Points

Although the hybrid commission model offers you revenue share, it doesn’t guarantee good earnings for every purchase. There’s a massive difference between purchasing a $5 service and a $100 service. So the price points of the services you’re promoting should influence your choice of commission model.

If you’re targeting an audience that’s more likely to purchase the most affordable services on Fiverr, you might want to stick with the existing CPA model. On the other hand, if your audience will likely opt for more premium services, the hybrid commission model would make more sense.

Remember: You have the power to decide which Gigs and categories you’d like to promote, so you always have the freedom to promote higher-value services that will increase your revenue share.

Promotion Methods

As each affiliate is different, they also use different methods to promote Fiverr services. While some might stick to YouTube videos, others might write informative blog posts that seamlessly promote our Gigs. In some cases, we even have affiliates investing in paid advertising to amplify their promotion efforts.

If you are investing in paid promotion methods, you’ll likely want to receive your commissions as quickly as possible so you can reinvest the funds. This means the existing CPA model might work best for you.

On the other hand, if you’re relying solely on organic promotion methods, you can play the long game and take advantage of the hybrid commission model to get recurring passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better understanding of which commission model may work best for you, let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions:

1: I chose the commission type I prefer; how can I start earning?

  •  Log in to your account
  • Go to “Marketing Tools” and select “Default and Deep Links”
  • Click on the “Copy to Clipboard” icon to copy the desired link.

Fiverr CPA – This link will direct your audience to Fiverr’s homepage and provide you with a CPA commission.

Fiverr Hybrid – This link will direct your audience to Fiverr’s homepage and provide you with a CPA commission + 10% revenue share.

If you want to direct your audience to a specific category, sub-category, or Gig page, you need to create a “deep link.”

2: What about the other Fiverr products? (Fiverr Pro, Fiverr Learn, and AND CO)
This change won’t affect the other Fiverr products. The CPA rates and commission models will remain the same.
See our full commission plan here.

3: Can I use both models at the same time?
You can use both revenue models at the same time as each plan would have its own affiliate link. You just need to keep track of where you use which link.

4: Can I use Deep Links?
Yes, you can.

5: What about payment time and currency?
The payment time would remain the same (net 30 basis). As for the currency, Fiverr affiliates now have the option to get paid in GBP or EUR aside from the standard USD option. Read more about this currency expansion here.

Happy Earning!

At Fiverr, we continue to make improvements and expansions to our affiliate program to guarantee the best experience for our valued affiliates. With this new commission model, we hope to provide you with an option to grow your earnings in a way that suits you best. Get to know your audience better and assess your promotion methods to choose the best commission model for your affiliate business.

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