How to Fuel Instagram Growth with Fiverr

How to Fuel Instagram Growth with Fiverr

72% of Instagram users say they’ve been influenced to buy something that they saw while browsing the app. So if you’re not using it in your affiliate marketing efforts already, you really need to rethink your strategy. At the same time, finding affiliate marketing success on Instagram starts with growing your following on the platform, which is the most challenging step.

We at Fiverr Affiliates manually handpicked the most relevant gigs from our top sellers for the Fiverr Instagram store. Here’s how you can use it to gain more followers.

1: Post Images that Pop

With Instagram being a visual platform, you need content that stands out for a chance at attracting the right audience. Subpar-quality images and raw, unedited photos can’t give you the kind of results you expect, especially when it comes to Instagram feeds. Get our freelance photo editors to polish your images so your Instagram feed reflects the kind of aesthetics that make people want to follow you.

These editors will help you retouch your photos, remove background elements, correct colors, fix lighting, add graphics and text overlay, and more. Need all of this quickly? Make the most of the Express 24H photo editing services.

Here’s a quick look at what some of our top photo editors can do.

2: Create More Engaging Videos

Videos can sometimes be much more engaging than static visuals. In fact, sponsored videos see 3X more engagement than sponsored images on Instagram. Work with our Instagram video editors to create standout videos that make people want to hit that “follow” button.

These editors will help you add background music, graphic elements, special effects, text overlay, subtitles, and more to create captivating videos for your Instagram feed, Stories, or ads. Some of our editors even offer Express 24H service so you can quickly get any rush work done in no time.

Check out some of our top-rated Instagram video editors below.

3: Run Attractive Ads

On a highly-visual platform like Instagram, your ads really need to be exceptional if they’re going to stand out from other content on a user’s feed. So in addition to targeting the right people, make sure you have incredible ad creative to get more return on investment (ROI) from your Instagram advertising efforts.

Our social ad designers will help you create captivating images and videos for Instagram ads – whether it’s for carousel ads, video ads, Story ads, or even regular feed ads.

Take a look at our top-rated ad designers below.

4: Enhance How Your Highlights Look

Your Instagram Highlights can be the perfect place to showcase important details that you don’t want your followers to miss. Based on your niche, you can use Highlights to categorize your Stories by topic, categorize products by collection/type, and more. For your Highlights to have an even bigger impact, make sure you have unique yet uniform icons that reflect your personal brand image.

Our talented designers will be able to create custom icons for your Story Highlights.  

Here’s a glimpse of what our Story Highlight designers can do for you.

5: Share Fun, Animated GIFs

GIFs are a fun way to get your message across and engage your followers – whether you’re sharing them to your feed, Stories, or ads. Create engaging animated GIFs that reflect your personal style with the help of our freelance GIF creators.

These freelancers will develop storyboards, custom illustrations, and 2D animations that suit your personality and message. Even if you need a custom GIF in the last minute, some of our freelancers offer Express 24H GIF creation services.

Check out some of our top-rated GIF creators below.

6: Promote Your Instagram More Effectively

It’s hard to effectively promote your Instagram when there’s so much work to do. This is a common challenge for many affiliate marketers because there are multiple aspects of their business they have to handle. The good news is that you can find experienced marketers who can handle the hard work of promoting your Instagram on your behalf.

Our Instagram promotion freelancers will help you research your audience, evaluate your page, and develop a strategy that brings results.

Check out some of our top freelancers who provide Instagram promotion services.

7: Work with an Account Manager to Save Time

A successful Instagram strategy needs consistency. This involves consistent posting, engagement, and interactions – something that requires time and patience. Don’t hesitate to let an account manager take care of all this on your behalf.

Our Instagram account managers can effectively manage your Instagram page to ensure sustainable growth and increased audience engagement. They will help you come up with an action plan to manage your page more efficiently, schedule posts, increase follower count and profile visits, and more.

Check out what our top Instagram account managers can do for you.

Grow Your Instagram Faster with Fiverr

While you have all the skills and creativity to grow your Instagram following, you may not necessarily have the time and resources. Work with freelancers on Fiverr to optimize your content, promote your page, and grow your following – all while saving time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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