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Announcing Fiverr’s new Real Estate Store

Announcing Fiverr’s new Real Estate Store

The average real estate agent spends 80% of their time doing admin and marketing work to promote their offerings, so why not cut their workload in half by providing solutions to their business needs?

Not to mention, since marketing strategies are all happening online, you can easily segue into bolstering a client’s online engagement with a variety of skill sets, such as infographics to promote houses, provide virtual mockups of homes, or schedule online content out months in advance. 

Rule the Industry with the New Real Estate Store

With 2 million active real estate licenses and over 86,000 brokerage firms currently in operation in the United States, the competition is tough. 

Fiverr is excited to announce the new Real Estate store to help people save time and market their properties and listings more effectively. The store helps buyers discover services to advertise their brokerage, firm, or agency as well as advertise properties to the right audience.

Whether someone is an independent agent, a brokerage firm, or a real estate developer, the new store features over 20 real-estate services.

1: Improve Their Branding

  • Design an attractive logo so their business gets instant recognition. Whether they already know what they want or they need someone to help them find the right design direction, our freelance logo designers can help.
  • Design business cards that exude credibility and professionalism so they can instantly nail the first impression with prospects.

2: Generate New Leads

  • Work with handpicked freelancers who offer skip tracing services, so they can easily find vacant property owners even when their competitors can’t.
  • Attract valuable real estate leads through the right digital marketing channels.
  • Get high-quality phone leads with top real estate cold callers.

3: Build and Grow Their Online Presence

4: Develop Attractive Listings and Marketing Materials

  • Flyer & Brochure Design – Visually market their properties and provide valuable info to their prospects through attractive flyers and informative brochures.
  • Photoshop Editing – Present their properties in their most appealing state by fixing the lighting in their property photos, correcting colors, and removing unwanted background items.
  • Social Media Design – Work with our handpicked freelancers in social media design to develop attractive visuals and engage their social media audience.
  • Social Marketing – Build and grow their social media presence with the help of our top social media marketers so they can attract relevant and high-quality leads.
  • Virtual Staging – Give prospects a realistic idea of what their property looks like and the potential it holds through virtual staging. After all, staged homes sell 25% faster than vacant or non-staged homes.
  • Local Photography – Put the property in perspective and give prospects a realistic picture with the best photographers in their city.
  • 3D Floor Plans – Give a realistic, 360-degree view of the property with 3D floor plans.
  • Slideshows & Promo Videos – Take their visual marketing up a notch by creating slideshows and promo videos for their properties.
  • Yard Sign Design –Draw in foot traffic to their listed properties with attractive yard signs that immediately catch the eye.
  • Fiverr Discover – If they ever run out of ideas for their promo videos and design projects, get inspired by the works of our top freelancers on Fiverr Discover and come up with new and innovative ideas.

Winning the Real Estate Game with Fiverr

With so much useful technology and experts in Fiverr’s arsenal, you should have no problem scaling your affiliate business with new offerings to assists brokers, agents, and realtors. More importantly, buyers can maintain a better work-life balance without sacrificing business growth by outsourcing some of their work to our top freelancers, while you earn your commission.

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