How to Grow a Youtube Channel Fast

How to Grow a Youtube Channel Fast

As a Youtuber, your objective is to grow your channel, increase your views and get paid — eventually. 

It seems like creating videos and growing a following is easy. In reality, it takes time to build your brand and fanbase. You can’t simply start by promoting products, instead, you have to build your influence first. The fastest way to get this done is to get more views on your video content. 

Now, how can you grow a Youtube channel fast? How do you analyze Youtube Analytics? Today, we’ll explore some Youtube marketing tips to get you started.

Improve searchability

Before you click the publish button, optimize your video to improve searchability. Think of the keywords and phrases that people will use to discover your video. Use Keyword Tool or Youtube Studio to find popular keywords with high search traffic.

You can then customize the following areas to boost searchability of your Youtube channel:

  • Title: Keep your title within 70 characters because anything longer will be truncated in Youtube’s search results. Create attention-grabbing titles but don’t forget to insert target keywords too. 
  • Description: Include CTAs, links, hashtags and target keywords to improve searchability. If you wish, you may also add links to your social media pages and websites so that viewers can subscribe to your other channels. Don’t forget to add your affiliate links!
  • Category & Tags: Since Youtube content is organized into categories (i.e. fashion, education, travel) and tags, it’s important to properly tag and identify the categories associated with your content. You can choose specific tags or keywords that describe the video. You can also choose from the auto-suggested tags by YouTube. 
  • Thumbnails: Create eye-catching thumbnails with compelling captions that attract the interest of viewers. Get help from Fiverr’s designers to get started.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

To get more views on your channel content, collaborate with other YouTubers in your niche. That doesn’t mean you have to reach out to those that have millions of subscribers, consider micro-influencers, or Youtubers with smaller niche followings like your own. Many content creators join communities such as YTTalk and TheYouTubeCommunity to connect with potential collaborators with a similar target audience. 

Send proposals to potential partners through email or social media. Discuss your channel, videos, collaboration ideas, deadline and the benefits of the partnership. You can even team up with talents from the Fiverr marketplace to promote your channel. 

Pay attention to analytics 

The most successful YouTubers pay attention to the following metrics in Youtube analytics

  • Real-time – Determines the number of people tuning into your channel and watching your videos with estimated real-time views. Find out more here
  • Watch time – Summarizes the total number of minutes viewers spend on your video. YouTube videos are ranked based on watch time so the longer viewers spend watching it, the more likely that it’ll show up in search results and recommendations. 
  • Interaction reports – Identifies how viewers interact with your channel based on the number of likes, dislikes, clicks, and comments.

Maximize revenue with affiliate marketing

We’ve written extensively about affiliate marketing in past blog posts, but the gist is simple. A Fiverr affiliate can earn commissions from converting your Youtube channel viewers into Fiverr customers. 

It’s no secret that it takes time to build a following and generate thousands of views. With affiliate marketing, creators can make money to sustain their channel and continue to build quality content. 

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