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Meet the Affiliate – Idan Mezan

Meet the Affiliate – Idan Mezan

Who: Idan Mezan

What: Head of Business Development at

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

Why do you love what you do? I have been developing website development tools for years and WebsitePlanet allows me to help both professional developers and small business owners. We explain what tools are available, provide deep technical and usability reviews of each one, and explain how to best use these tools to grow a business.

How long have you been a Fiverr Affiliate? We have been a Fiverr affiliate for several years already.

Why Fiverr Affiliate program?  Many small and medium business owners want to utilize freelancers and the “gig economy” instead of hiring employees to grow their business.

Talk to us about your traffic-boosting magic! WebsitePlanet already attracts over a million visitors a month.  We attribute the popularity of our site to multiple factors, including detailed product reviews, advanced tutorials, and extensive research into what our visitors really want to know and learn about.

What’s the best thing about partnering up with us? The wide variety of gigs and expertise available on Fiverr provides solutions for many of our site’s categories and tools. This ranges from a general virtual assistant to a WordPress expert and anything in between that you need for your business.

Give our readers a super affiliate tip! Some research is important, but then just continually try and test different ideas and approaches.

Thanks Idan!

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