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Bonjour: Fiverr Expands International Footprint by Launching Site in French

Bonjour: Fiverr Expands International Footprint by Launching Site in French

We’re excited to announce the launch of, a localized website for Fiverr’s French-speaking audience.  All of the main site’s pages will be automatically translated to French, and French-speaking users will be able to search the site and complete transactions in their native language.

International footprint expansion is an important strategic initiative for Fiverr.  With the launches of (for German-speaking users) and (for Spanish-speaking users), we saw meaningful increases in activity in these markets.  On both sites, we introduced localized user-generated content, which is powered by language detection and machine-learning translation technologies.  This meant gig listings and messages between buyers and sellers are automatically translated to the local language of the user, creating a more consistent localized experience.

Now, Fiverr is focused on launching these same features on  “International expansion continues to be a key growth strategy for Fiverr, and we believe the potential to unlock further opportunity in the European market is huge,” said Fiverr Founder and CEO Micha Kaufman.

To support the launch, we’ll continue to rollout localized user-generated content for the French market.  And furthermore, as a Fiverr Affiliate, you have the opportunity to help spread the word about the launch, reaching more potential buyers and increasing your earnings in the process.

Why the French market?

As one of Europe’s economic powerhouses, France presents a great opportunity for growth.  The number of freelancers is booming – there are more than 900,000 in France, with a whopping 37% of them based in Paris.  This figure has increased 110% over the last decade and will surely continue to grow in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Online, sales topped an estimated €104.2 billion in 2019, up from €90 billion the year prior, and this is with 32% of the population living without internet access.  In April alone – after nearly two months of shutdowns – France saw sharp upticks in e-commerce traffic in online supermarkets (+66.5%), home furnishings (+38.5%), and tech (+25.7%).  

Prior to the pandemic, France had already begun a pivot toward digital entrepreneurship, with the opening of Station F, a Paris-based startup incubator, and an $18 billion investment in professional retraining for the digital age.  This economic shift combined with increased online traffic will likely translate to higher demand for digital services.  

At Fiverr, we’ve seen 50% growth in new customers from France, as more and more businesses look to engage their customers online and enhance their digital presence.  Given the stay-at-home mandates and the shutdown of most offline businesses throughout the country, we saw a 27% increase in site visitors from France just in the first half of April, compared to the first half of March.

This is an indication of the growth to come.  “With the French version of Fiverr, we will be able to develop in a much more dynamic way in this local market which has a great deal of promise,” said Peggy de Lange, Fiverr’s VP of International Expansion. “And with over 3 million small businesses in France, having our site in French will open it up to a large non-English-speaking audience, enabling them to take advantage of the simplicity and efficiency of our unique platform.”

The localized site also promises to provide value beyond the pandemic. “As we move past the current crisis, more businesses will be looking for a way to enhance or move their businesses online, and Fiverr is there to help,” de Lange added.

How is Fiverr supporting the launch?

Fiverr’s strategy to expand geographically, as well as our investments in several key European countries, was timely.  The global pandemic, and the resulting shift toward remote work, has led to a surge in traffic in the marketplace, especially in Spain and France.

To build on the momentum, we’re supporting this launch with a PR campaign, strategic SEO initiatives, and Paid Acquisition.  Additionally, in France, we’re focusing on affiliate and influencer marketing activities.

How can you boost your earnings with the new site?

It’s important to take advantage of this new opportunity.  Fiverr has seen an increase in demand for services in the French market, and the localized site will only fuel this activity further. 

As a Fiverr Affiliate, you have a new, potentially lucrative way to increase your earnings.  For the first time ever, French-speaking users can complete a transaction in their native language and overcome previously challenging language barriers.  This means that your affiliate links can do so much more for the local French audience.

You don’t need to promote the French website any differently than you’d promote the main site.

To refer traffic to, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Fiverr Affiliate Dashboard.
  2. Select Marketing Tools.
  3. Choose Default and Deep Links
  4. Add “” on the LP URL tab.
  5. Start earning!

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