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Meet the Affiliate – Jeff Bullas

Who: Jeff Bullas 

What: Owner of Pty Ltd

Where: Sydney, Australia

Why do you love what you do? Starting my blog 10 years ago about the emerging trend of social media is my passion project that has changed my life. I love to write about its impact and tools and technology because it has empowered the individual to take control of their lives if used correctly.

How long have you been a Fiverr Affiliate? I became an affiliate about a year ago.

Why Fiverr Affiliate program? As I wanted to generate more passive revenue.

Talk to us about your traffic-boosting magic! My website attracts over 5 million visitors a year and we do that with FB messenger, email subscribers and also with social media including my 567,000 Twitter followers.

What’s the best thing about partnering up with us? I really like Fiverr’s professional approach to everything they do.

Give our readers a super affiliate tip! Just “do it”.

Thanks Jeff!

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