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New on Learn from Fiverr: Additional SEO, Branding, and Digital Marketing Courses

New on Learn from Fiverr: Additional SEO, Branding, and Digital Marketing Courses

Learn from Fiverr already features a wide variety of courses for freelancers and entrepreneurs hoping to upskill and stay competitive in the digital marketplace.  The courses are led by some of the world’s top experts, and they cover a variety of in-demand skills in fields ranging from design to programming to business. 

Three new courses covering SEO, Branding, and Digital Marketing were just launched. As a Fiverr Affiliate, each new addition to the Learn from Fiverr catalog gives you even more courses to promote and more ways to increase your affiliate income. Learn from Fiverr courses are a great way to introduce your audience to Fiverr and show how the platform’s value extends beyond the marketplace.

Promoting Learn from Fiverr is also lucrative – Fiverr Affiliates earn a 30% commission for every course purchase.

Learn from Fiverr’s New SEO, Branding, and Digital Marketing Courses

Learn from Fiverr’s latest courses – SEO Fundamentals, Personal Branding, and Creating High Converting Landing Pages – tackle three skills that can help freelancers and entrepreneurs succeed in any industry.  Each course provides a detailed look at how to stand out online and get measurable results.

SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework

In this project-based course, SEO specialist and consultant Cleo Kirkland discuss the important role that SEO plays in digital marketing and walks freelancers and entrepreneurs through best practices to drive traffic through Google.  SEO Fundamentals is the perfect course for professionals who want to improve their SEO knowledge and gain practical experience that they can put to use right away.  Throughout Cleo’s lessons, he demonstrates how to conduct a technical SEO analysis, content audit, and link audit. Additionally, he gives several tips and tricks to help gauge and report SEO results. By the end of the course, users will have a deeper understanding of SEO and have the basic skills to launch and scale an SEO campaign.

Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

In Personal Branding, BlitzMetrics CEO Dennis Yu walks freelancers and entrepreneurs through the process of building a personal brand, which they can use to monetize their expertise in the method of their choosing. Throughout these lessons, Dennis shares his insights from a twenty-year career in digital marketing and takes users through real-life examples.  Regardless of an individual’s industry or passion, this course is designed to help them build their dream career.

Creating High Converting Landing Pages

In this course, Google Ads and PPC advertising expert Isaac Rudansky walks entrepreneurs through every step of landing page design, including real-life case studies, actual experiments, and examples from across the web.  This course focuses on the fundamental psychological principles of good landing page design, and it explains the steps of the buyer’s journey.  By the end of the course, users will know how to design effective landing pages, test their designs, and start converting at a rate that’s 2-5 times higher than that of their current landing pages.

Ways to Promote Learn from Fiverr

As a Fiverr Affiliate, you use several channels to reach your audience, including websites, blogs, social media accounts, YouTube channels, and more. Regardless of your favorite method of promotion, there are plenty of Fiverr resources you can use to spread the word about these new courses.  These resources include Fiverr’s creative assets (e.g. ad banners, buttons, landing pages, etc.) and tools to create affiliate links and deep links.  You can also create original content about the new courses.  When crafting this content, remember to prioritize value.  Think about what matters most to your readers or viewers and ensure you’re highlighting the ways these Learn from Fiverr courses will directly benefit them.

Using Fiverr’s promotional tools is easy.  To access the creative assets:

  1. Login to your Fiverr Affiliates account.
  2. Go to ‘Marketing Tools’ and select ‘All Marketing Tools’.
  3. Use the filtering options to find the best creative. Click ‘Filter by Brand’ and choose ‘Learn from Fiverr’.
  4. Click ‘Show Creatives’.
  5. Once you select a creative asset, click ‘Get HTML Code’.  This will reveal the code that you’ll need to copy and embed on the page of your choice.  (The code contains both the link to the media and the tracking link).  You can also download the image but you won’t be able to track impressions.

To use affiliate links:

  1. Login to your Fiverr Affiliates account.
  2. Go to ‘Marketing Tools’ and select ‘Default and Deep Links’.
  3. Choose the type of Affiliate Link you’d like to use (e.g. CPA or Hybrid). CPA links entitle you to a CPA commission; Hybrid links entitle you to a fixed CPA commission plus a percentage of the order value.
  4. Copy the Learn from Fiverr link by clicking on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ icon. Then, place the link on the webpage of your choice.  This link will direct your users to the Learn from Fiverr homepage.
  5. To direct your users to a specific category, subcategory, or Gig page, create a Deep Link. Watch the following video to create a deep link:

For additional details and assistance using Fiverr Affiliates’ Marketing Tools, watch these videos:

There’s no shortage of ways to inform your audience about Learn from Fiverr’s newest courses.  Launch your promotions today and start earning!

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