How Buyer Testimonial Videos Can Substantially Increase Your Fiverr Affiliates Revenue

How Buyer Testimonial Videos Can Substantially Increase Your Fiverr Affiliates Revenue

In the search for Fiverr affiliate opportunities, we want to present you with a compelling new direction. This revenue opportunity is relatively simple, yet it can pay off in spades after you make an upfront investment. 

Here, we are talking about buyer testimonial videos. Buyer testimonial videos can offer you the opportunity to make real money with Fiverr. Through your video, you can show off the Fiverr services that you purchased and liked. Promoting these gigs to your audience, you can offer your personal testimonial and endorsement of the seller. Through this, you can leverage social proof and the trust you have built with your audience to generate extremely passive income.

Yes, your endorsement needs to be authentic. No matter your audience, they will be able to tell if you are faking enthusiasm or support. That said, done correctly, buyer testimonial videos can be an extremely powerful way to generate cash.

Why this strategy works

As a starting point, you may be wondering why this strategy works. After all, thousands of gigs and sellers are listed in the Fiverr marketplace. More are being added every day.

The simple reality is that buyer testimonial videos succeed because of these reasons. There are thousands of available items and gigs on the Fiverr platform, ranging from programming and development gigs to art and design gigs. Standing in the shoes of a buyer, some of these gigs may start to blend together. It can be difficult to pick the right one.

What the buyer is experiencing is something called choice overload, a concept introduced by American sociologist Alvin Toffler. The general idea is that people become afraid to make a choice when they have too many choices at their disposal. You have certainly felt this in your own life, whether it is choosing your next vacation destination or picking out one brand of cereal from the grocery store shelf. 

Buyer testimonial videos can help your audience break through choice overload. You can show your audience members the right seller, at the right moment, to fit their needs. Because you have already built trust with your audience, your recommendation speaks volumes. By speaking about how a particular Fiverr seller has provided massive value in your life, you can help your audience quickly solve a similar problem that they’re encountering in their lives. 

How and where to post your testimonials

One of the best ways to leverage buyer testimonial videos is to simply record your experience. All you need is a camera and an Internet connection. Simply record yourself as you talk about and show your Fiverr delivery to your audience. Describe the experience and make sure to talk about the value that the seller provided. 

As for where, you’ll most likely want to post your buyer testimonial videos on your website and social media pages. When doing this, make sure to include a detailed title and description, along with a link to the gig that you discuss in your video. Try to be concise, yet ensure that you are providing enough detail to pique your audience’s interest. 

The Financial Opportunity

The most obvious financial opportunity from buyer testimonial videos comes from monetising your existing audience. You do this through commissions from Fiverr affiliates for every first-time buyer. This is an excellent way to add an income stream and make a healthy amount of passive income.  

The less obvious opportunity, however, is the organic traffic potential from your buyer testimonial videos. Because Fiverr offers so many niches, you have a good chance to be ranked and generate traffic—even if you don’t have a huge audience. So don’t be afraid of making a buyer testimonial video about a gig that seems “out of the mainstream” or “too specific.” In fact, targeting a niche gig or keyword can be just the thing to help you get ranked and generate more passive income. 

Some examples of successful videos

hen creating a buyer testimonial video, it is always helpful to have a few examples. While you don’t want to copy these examples frame by frame, they can help you think of ideas as you’re creating your own videos.

  • MAKING A LOGO, BUSINESS CARDS + FLYERS FOR MY BUSINESS!: The Real Nyee has created a compelling video because it is in the rawest smartphone camera-footage style. In fact, there is no video editing here. It lets her create an authentic connection with her audience, which has naturally led to a massive number of new buyers. 
  • You Need To Know How To Get A Stinger Transition: Mikey Slice made such an effective buyer testimonial video because it is anti-overchoice content. Viewers can tell that Mike is a genuine and authentic person who was extremely satisfied with the video editing job he found on Fiverr. Even though two years have passed, viewers are still clicking on his link. 
  • I Paid a Stranger $25 to edit my Pizza Commercial: Daniel Schiffer created a near-perfect example of an affiliate video. The idea was great and the execution was flawless. In this particular case, Fiverr even created a dedicated store that was added to the video. Ultimately, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the video went viral. 

Tips on making great testimonial videos

Creating testimonial videos involves trial and error. There’s more art than science here. That said, several tips can dramatically increase your odds of creating a great testimonial video.

  • Concentrate your video on a single product. Depth is better than breadth here. For example, you can focus on a Fiverr video editing gig and describe all of your experiences with that specific gig.
  • Don’t try to make an extremely long video. There’s no need to make a video of everything about the gig. Be selective and pick the most important points.
  • Make it easy for viewers to find the gigs displayed in your video. Listing the gig links separately in your description makes it obvious to the viewer. You can also include things like the seller’s username. 
  • Provide brief descriptions of the seller. Don’t hesitate to share how you found the seller, the search terms you used, how you evaluated different options, and how you came to your final decision. Doing this, you can also boost your revenue through Fiverr’s Affiliates Hybrid revenue plan. 
  • Embrace simplicity. The title and description should simply and clearly describe your video.
  • Make a catchy thumbnail. It should include the Fiverr logo. More people will feel at ease (and will be more likely to click on your video) if they see the Fiverr logo in the video thumbnail.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off your personality. A buyer testimonial video is one where you can show off your personality and share your thoughts on a Fiverr gig. Go ahead and be yourself! Make your video entertaining and fun. 
  • Embrace SEO. Researching keywords and incorporating them into your video title and description can help you get found.
  • Contact Fiverr Affiliates. Don’t be afraid to shoot us an email. We’re happy to help!

Get started today

A buyer testimonial video can go a long way in helping you provide value to your audience and make passive income. No matter the size of your audience or your specific niche, we’re certain that this can be a great opportunity for you. 

If you would like some additional tutorials on how to earn money with affiliate videos, click here or here. Ultimately, we encourage you to seize this opportunity today!

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