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New on Learn from Fiverr: How to Sell a Product on Amazon, eCommerce Copywriting, and Podcast Courses

New on Learn from Fiverr: How to Sell a Product on Amazon, eCommerce Copywriting, and Podcast Courses

Three Awesome New Courses on Learn From Fiverr

While Learn From Fiverr already has a list of stellar courses, we have decided to add three more outstanding courses to the platform. These three new courses present even more opportunities for you to promote even more Fiverr content to your readers, viewers, and followers. Better yet, Fiverr Affiliates earn a 30% commission for every course order. It is a great opportunity and one that we hope you start to leverage.


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How to Sell Your Products on Amazon: Step-By-Step To FBA

The course is designed to help learners sell a profitable product on Amazon—even if they have little to no experience on the platform. With 102 videos and over seven hours of content, there is plenty of course content for learners to explore. They can learn everything from identifying compelling products to sell on Amazon to completing your product listings on the platform. The creators of this course are Erik Rogne and Eric Campbell. They are seven-figure Amazon sellers who have created hundreds of incredible projects from scratch. Teaching over 140,000 learners on the secrets of selling on Amazon, new learners are in extremely good hands.

E-Commerce Copywriting: The Key to Conversion

This course is a great option for anyone who wants to attract and engage buyers through compelling copy. This course was created by Carrie French. Carrie is a top-rated Fiverr Pro copywriter. She has lent her copywriting skills to over 10,000 small and medium-sized businesses around the world. Ultimately, she is the perfect instructor for learning how to create clever and converting sales copy. Learners learn topics like using the hierarchy of facts to write descriptions and common copywriting mistakes that you should avoid.

Launch a Podcast on a Budget

In this course, learners will learn how to launch their dream podcasts without breaking the bank. The course instructor is Sam Laliberte, who is a freelancer, digital nomad, and host of the Freedom Lifestyle podcast series. Sam takes her learners on a journey so that they can transition from aspiring podcaster to credible producer in just a few hours. Learners learn everything from formatting their podcasts and interviewing guests to marketing and monetizing their podcasts.

Ways to Promote These New Courses

As a Fiverr Affiliate, you have different ways of reaching your audience. From your personal blog or website to posts on your favorite social network, there are plenty of ways that you can provide value to your followers. Whichever medium you prefer, you can use Fiverr’s marketing tools to spread the word about these three new courses.

If you want to use Fiverr’s marketing tools, there are several steps you’ll need to take:

Using Affiliate Links

To use affiliate links with any of these three courses, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Fiverr Affiliates.
  2. Select “Marketing Tools” and then “Default and Deep Links.”

3. Copy the Learn From Fiverr link that you’d like to promote. Then, click on the “LP URL” button, and paste your link. 


4. Click out once and then copy the “Fiverr Learn” generated link. From there, you are ready to share your link.


Accessing the Creative Assets

  1. Start by logging in to your Fiverr Affiliates account.
  2. Select “Marketing Tools” and then “All Marketing Tools.”
  3. Use the filtering options to find the relevant creative. To do this, feel free to click on “Filter By Brand” and then “Fiverr Learn.”
  4. Click on “Show Creatives.”
  5. After you select your creative asset, click on “Get HTML Code.” You will copy and embed this code on your desired page. The code that you select contains the link to the media and the tracking link. While you can download the image, you won’t be able to track impressions.


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