6 Ways to Develop Successful Holiday Affiliate Marketing Promotions

6 Ways to Develop Successful Holiday Affiliate Marketing Promotion

t’s no secret retail stores do a significant chunk of their business during the holidays. According to “USA Today,” sales are expected to jump up to 5% between November 2019 and January 2020, accounting for more than $1.1 trillion. According to eMarketer, ecommerce sales will increase 13.2% year-over-year in 2019, to reach more than $135 billion.

That means any retail businesses owner or entrepreneur in your target audience is likely preparing for the holiday season. They might need content writers, graphic designers for holiday promotions, social media managers and more.

As a Fiverr affiliate marketer, you can capitalize on the push for holiday sales. Here’s how:

1. Analyze Last Year’s Success

Dive into your analytics to see where you succeeded last year and what strategies you can apply this year. If a certain channel brought you significant revenue last holiday season, or if a strategy has been working for you recently, plan campaigns on similar channels.

 You can access your reports in your Fiverr Affiliates dashboard to check out recent and annual successes. View your Media Report to track clicks and registrations. View the Registrations Report to check out when users registered, what countries they were from and more. Get complete Fiverr Reports and Monitoring instructions here.

Whether this is your fifth year in affiliate marketing or your first, make sure conversions are simple, easy and fast for your leads. Provide detailed context to give leads all the info they need to determine whether using Fiverr is right for them this holiday season.

2. Strategize Promotions

You’ll want to target businesses that need creatives who are in high demand over the holiday season, people like logo designers, video editors, blog post writers, product description copywriters and the like. That means that your holiday affiliate marketing promotion content should align with those types of creatives. For example, if you’re promoting content that teaches businesses how to run social media ads to boost holiday sales, you can refer blog readers to a link for social media ad design through Fiverr. 

Fiverr Affiliates will provide you with marketing materials to help you target the users you want. Contact us if you have any questions about how to make your promotions more successful this season. 

3. Optimize Your Site

There are several ways to optimize your site for search, for your leads and for your current audience.

Integrate holiday-related and freelancer-focused keywords into content, headers, H1 tags, meta-descriptions and the like. That will boost the search visibility of your holiday-specific content.

Make sure all affiliate promotions work for all devices and that your site loads quickly. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to test your website.

4. Support Campaigns with Valuable Content

Amp up content distribution in the holidays to keep your audience and leads engaged. Make sure to optimize all content with holiday-friendly/freelancer-focused search terms, including blogs, videos and social media content.

Promote content in email newsletters, segmented based on audience. You can also use online ads (step #5) to reach targeted leads.

5. Boost Promotions with Advertising

If there’s ever a time of year to invest in advertising for your affiliate marketing campaigns, it’s the holiday season. Use your Fiverr analytics tool to see where your most valuable leads and conversions are coming from. It might be social media, search, banner ads, native advertising or a combination of all of these.

Get hyper-targeted in your ads to reach the right audience. Split up ads with A/B testing to monitor which elements are working. Compare ads you’re running to promote content related to different types of creatives (copywriters, graphic designers, video editors, etc.) to see which audience is most receptive to your messaging. Then split ads within that audience segment to optimize them in real-time and get more out of your ad budget.

6. Get Going

t’s already December, so get those campaigns up and running pronto. You can use search ads to drive immediate traffic, email marketing to alert your base about what you’re offering, referral links so your audience spreads the word and bonus offers for “non-peak” times, like long after Cyber Monday has passed.

Make sure you’re tracking 2019 campaigns so that you glean insights for next year. And once this year’s holidays have passed, it’s never too early to start strategizing the next holiday season.

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