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How to generate affiliate commissions from Youtube videos

How to generate affiliate commissions from Youtube videos

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that the options are literally endless. You have the freedom to promote your favorite products and services made by some of the biggest companies in the world, in almost any online medium or platform (and as long as you have the right permission to do so, no one likes spammers….)

But when it comes down to it, there are only a few selected methods that can help you generate affiliate sales over a long period of time on any niche. In this article we are going to focus on one of those methods: affiliate marketing on Youtube.

As both the 2nd biggest search engine in the world and the 2nd most popular website, the affiliate potential on Youtube is huge. And unlike a blog, it doesn’t take months of waiting for new affiliates to start seeing actual results there. It can be much, much faster.

At Fiverr affiliates, we are very familiar with partners who promote us via Youtube. We have worked with YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers, and channels with less than 100. Regardless of your sub count, adding Fiverr affiliate’ links to your Youtube videos – is always a good idea.

But if you really want to get into affiliate marketing on Youtube, here’s the 2 type of videos that perform the best right now in our program:

1- “I paid X on Fiverr and this what I got” videos

If you are an avid YouTube user, there is a good chance that you have seen a Fiverr-related video popping up on your homepage screen. This video is a good example for this type of videos:

In a nutshell, those are videos where a content creator hires freelancer sellers from Fiverr (typically from the same niche that he specialize in), test out the services they offer and showcase the results he received to his audience.

Here’s rundown of how this type of video usually works:

  1. Let’s say you have a channel about animation. You produce animated videos once or twice a month and upload them to Youtube.
  2. Since animation is your niche, you need to come up with a video topic that is related to it. For example: hiring animators to create a short animation video based on a ready-made script.
  3. The first part of the video is a document of your Fiverr experience – going through the different available sellers, filtering by your needs (budget, delivery time, language) and after reviewing the relevant sellers’ portfolio – you choose the animator which fits you most. You might even want to spice things up and order from 2-3 sellers and compare between their deliveries. 
  4. The last part is a “fast forward” of reviewing the deliveries, and sharing your thoughts and satisfaction with your audience: what you liked about them, which one disappointed you, which one gave you the best value for money, etc.

Many big channels produced those type of videos throughout the last year, and there’s clearly a reason behind it: They are entertaining, people like to watch them and they are doing extremely well in terms of gaining views.

The best thing about those videos? They are not niche-related. No matter what your core business is, Fiverr has over 400+ services in the marketplace, so I’m confident you could find an interesting video idea that suits your needs.

2 – Tutorial videos 

Another less-known type of videos that performs well within our affiliate program are tutorial videos. 

Let’s say you have a channel about WordPress. You create an extremely detailed tutorial about setting up a new WordPress site with all the necessary plugins in order to make your followers happy and educated.

But, creating a WordPress website is a big topic, and it might take 2 hours of training to cover everything. Your dedicated followers (who wants to create a WordPress site by themselves) –  will follow, but what about the rest? Safe to say that they will probably feel intimidated by the length and amount of technical knowledge, and quick watching in the middle.

That’s exactly the spot where a Fiverr affiliate link makes the difference. At the beginning of the tutorial, before diving into the actual setup, you can inform your viewers that instead of creating the site themselves they can go to Fiverr (using your affiliate link in the description box) and just hire a developer who would do it for them. 

If you want to see a real life example of the tutorial approach,  linked below a free logo design tutorial,  look at this video made by the Website Learners: 

In the video, Website Learners teach you how to produce a logo by yourself, and alongside that – they offer you a paid solution if you want to save time and outsource it to a freelancer.

This is a very smart approach which satisfies all viewers, while improving the channel’s monetization.

Overall, Youtube offers plenty of opportunities for affiliate marketers to promote services, and absolutely free.

Got an existing Youtube channel with a large following? Looking to partner with us and monetize it, but you are not sure what content to create? 

Reach out to us via and we’ll be happy to help you come up with awesome video ideas and a customized deal.

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