How You Can Grow Your Fiverr Affiliate Business With Some Stellar (And Free) Marketing Tools

How You Can Grow Your Fiverr Affiliate Business With Some Stellar (And Free) Marketing Tools

Whether you are a Fiverr affiliate or interested in becoming a Fiverr affiliate, it’s critical to always search for strong, converting, and updated marketing tools. Yes, there are still many ways to provide value to your audience while making attractive income. That being said, the world of affiliate marketing is competitive. You must promote a brand to your audience and build up some hard-earned brand equity, as it makes it more likely that your audience will follow your word and make a purchase. Ultimately, you must capture your audience’s attention and place the right promotion in the right place.

To help you with this task, our team at Fiverr affiliates has created a large portfolio of marketing tools. By helping to ease your marketing work and arm you with the best performing tools, these marketing tools can help you better serve your audience and maximize your earning potential with us.

Marketing Tools That Can Supercharge Your Affiliate Income

There are four broad categories of marketing tools that can go a long way in accelerating your affiliate income. While no one is stopping you from relying on some of the three, we recommend that you rely on all three categories when communicating with your audience.

Default and Deep Links

Default and deep links are your unique affiliate links. They let you quickly direct your audience to many different pages within the Fiverr ecosystem, including different landing pages, category pages, search results, or a specific Gig. These links can be extremely helpful if you are trying to direct your audience to a specific Fiverr product, such as Fiverr Learn, Fiverr Workspace and Fiverr Business. You can get extremely granular and highlight certain services that you think would offer the most value to your audience.

For instance, if you manage a blog or a YouTube channel on video marketing and write a blog post about whiteboard and animated explainers, you can directly link to the subcategory itself or a specific gig page.

It is extremely easy to make default and deep links. You can follow the simple, several-step process by clicking here to get the link and place it on your website. Better yet, you can add a tracking code to monitor all of your campaigns and promotions. Ultimately, Fiverr links are great ways to directly link to gigs or services you like and track how your affiliate links are performing.


Creative Assets

Along with your unique affiliate links, you can promote Fiverr through our top-performing creative tools. These creative tools can help you stand out and drive users to Fiverr and Fiverr associated brands. Some of the creative assets that you can leverage include:

  • Banners and GIFs: We are happy to offer eye-catching banners and GIFs that you can place on your website. These banners and GIFs are a compelling way to promote specific creatives for specific categories on Fiverr and Fiverr’s associated brands.
  • HTML5 Banners: We offer beautiful and interactive banners that can grab attention on your website. No matter the content, we’re confident that our HTML5 banners will help you generate affiliate sales.
  • Video Banners: Our video banners let you display updated Fiverr commercial videos. These commercials quickly show the value that your audience can receive from Fiverr.

Advanced Marketing Tools

We also offer a suite of advanced marketing tools that can help you generate more Fiverr affiliate income. Not only do these tools capture your audience’s attention, but they can boost your overall earnings.

One of our most effective advanced marketing tools is our search box widget for WordPress. Through this widget, your audience can quickly find freelancers on the Fiverr platform. The great news for you is that users’ searches are tracked with your unique affiliate ID, guaranteeing that you’ll get credit for these affiliate sales. If you have a WordPress website, we definitely recommend that you take advantage of it.

Content Made by Fiverr

Finally, we are happy to share high-value content that is made by Fiverr’s experts. You are free to take this content and promote it to your audience.

For instance, we’re happy to provide eBooks that educate your audience about leading Fiverr services. We also offer email content that you can distribute to your audience. All of this content lets you provide even more value to your audience members while substantially increasing your chances of generating more affiliate income.

Grow Your Affiliate Business

Using all of these tools, you can substantially grow your Fiverr affiliate business. This is true whether you are a brand new affiliate or have been an affiliate for some time. Ultimately, encourage you to take advantage of these exciting new marketing tools. 

If you aren’t yet a Fiverr affiliate and would like to learn more about the program, click here. Start earning today!

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